Tuesday, February 05, 2008

School Reunions, Pancakes and a RA treat!

It really doesn't take all that much to change my mood sometimes, and they are just pretty small things in a lot of ways.

One thing that happened today was that I had a phone call from my mother saying "Did you hear from LW?" I had no idea who LW might be, and then she said - "oh, LW from St Ms" which was one of my old schools. Apparently, the girls who were in my year at St Ms are having a 20 year class reunion in a couple of weeks and they hadn't been able to locate me. Now, I only went to that school for two years, and even then it wasn't the last year of school, so I am somewhat surprised that they were even trying to find me. The next thought was ...... "what the heck am I going to say to someone that I haven't even spoken to for over 20 years."

Third and most overwhelming thought.....Does my mother really think that I am going to go to a class reunion, when I now weigh at least double what I weighed when I last saw those people. I don't think so! As far as I know the reunion is some time in March, and is in Adelaide. As there is no way that I can get any time off in March because of work, and the fact that Adelaide really isn't my most favourite place to go (because of some of the people who live there, not because of the place) there are any number of reasons for me not to go, but if I am being honest with myself the number one reason is my weight...in many ways a very shallow reason I know! It will be nice to have a chat with LW, if I ever get up enough guts to call her!

I guess the other thing is that it is probably reasonable to expect that the school that I did finish high school at will probably have a reunion this year as well. One reason why I didn't have to worry about this 10 years ago is that I was living in the UK at that time, and there is no reason I was coming back to Australia for one or even two school reunions. I have no idea if the other school I went to during high school even has such things!

I guess this kind of event does make you contemplate a little what you have achieved since you left school. I know if I am not being too hard on myself that I have achieved quite a bit, but since when have I not ever been too hard on myself.

There are other things that happened today! It is Shrove Tuesday today - also known as Pancake Day, so all my colleagues and I went out to Pancake Parlour for lunch. It was all arranged on short notice, but we still managed to stuff ourselves with savoury and sweet pancakes. I was so full I ended up having cornflakes for dinner tonight! I had already bought pancakes to have for dessert tonight, but I could not possible face any more pancakes for another couple of days at least!

With Shrove Tuesday being the day before Lent starts, I did give a moments thought to what I am going to give up for Lent. I don't normally worry about it, but with my thoughts being somewhat morose already I am thinking about trying to give up normal Coca Cola - I am addicted to the stuff, and I know that I really could do without all the extra sugar that I imbibe every day, but can I possibly give it up for 40 days?? I will ponder that one some more, and maybe see if I can do one or two days!

So that I don't sound complete wingeing cow for this whole post, I did also want to post something positive! I had a really good conversation today with a person who I have been friends with since I was 15 years old. Even though we now live in the same city (which hasn't always been the case) we still don't see anywhere near enough of each other. Whilst a lot of the time we have fun little conversations which involve lots of teasing and taunting, today we had that but also quite serious and honest conversation about a few things we don't normally talk all that much about. That's not because we don't know that we always can, but simply because it isn't always practical! I don't tell him enough that I love him, but I do, and I hope he knows it. When we do spend a little time talking, even if it is only on the phone, I always feeling uplifted.

And now I am tearing up....dammit.....he'll be so proud that he made me cry!!

After such a long and rambling post, what else can I do but reward you all for your diligence with a CBeebies story with Richard Armitage - and there is a very, very, very small connection to at least one thing in my post!!

What??? He mentioned Flat Stanley being flat as a PANCAKE! I did say it was a very small connection!


  1. No need to apologise Marg. I take every opportunity I can to crow bar Richard Armitage's name into a conversation.

    Have you checked out his websites yet?



  2. Oh yes! Fully fledged AA member here!

  3. They'd have to pay me to go to any reunion. I hated high school (mainly because I had panic attacks so I wasn't always there in brain ;)) and it's not like I've aged gracefully. Now, in a year when I have dropped the weight (being positive) and won some sort of lottery....nah, I still wouldn't go ;)

    I tell you, people who are able to give up stuff for Lent humble me. Which means I'll drink your share of the coke.

    I was sick yesterday so I slept through Pancake Tuesday, course I miss it every year. I wonder if I should make pancakes tonight to make up for it. May be just the thing!

    And I'm so glad you have a wonderful friend to talk with. We all need that in our lives. On that note, I'm going to call my friend who moved 3000 miles away earlier this month. I'm sure she could use a friend now!


  4. Oh Marg, at least those people WANTED you at the reunion. I didn't even get invited to my 10 year one (which would have been 10 years ago). Depending on my mood now, I can still get very upset, or feel oddly flattered at being excluded. Couldn't stand most of the people anyway, but it is nice to be asked so you can refuse!
    I've given up alcohol for Lent for the 3rd year in a row. Just so I can prove to myself that I can. Did you know that apparently every Sunday in Lent is a 'feast' day, so you can break your fast? My minister told me!

  5. Here's a 44 year young woman who loved Flat Stanley.


  6. Cindy, I didn't want to burden you so let's just say you don't need to worry about drinking my share of the coke! I am taking care of that myself...didn't last very long I can tell you!

    LC, that's pretty harsh...but then again maybe a blessing in disguise! I didn't know about feast days in Lent! I don't do particularly well at Lent at the best of times! No self control whatsoever1

    Teddy, can I interest you in perhaps watch North and South (the BBC version) or perhaps you have seen it before and just need to join the crusade??

  7. I don't think I've seen that before. I'd be interested, I think.