Thursday, April 17, 2008

Recognising yourself

After numerous requests I finally broke down yesterday and joined Facebook. I know that I am late to the party but I was conscious of not finding yet more ways to spend time online.

One of the things that I did was to find some of my friends profiles, which in turn led me to some old friends, which in turn led me to a group for the people who currently or formerly attended a specific church. Within that group, there are a whole heap of photos that people have added, and I was having looking through, seeing some people I recognised and others that I did not. Eventually I came to a photo which looked to be about the right period timewise fpr when I was involved, but I didn't recognise anyone in. When I ran my mouse over and saw the label that someone else had put on it, they had labelled it as being a photo of me, and I had to look twice to see that yes, it really was me! Very strange.

When I showed it to someone I work with today, they totally agreed that they would never have recognised that picture as being of me if I hadn't told them who it was!

When I look at that photo now, I realise that as much as I was already on the diet merry go round then, I would be mega happy if I looked like that now, compared to how I do look!

Would you recognise a photo of yourself from 20 years ago?


  1. LOL, that's funny Marg! For myself, from 20 years ago I think so, even though I was 10 at the time. Same for 10 years ago. For 5or 15 years ago, though, it would be harder, as my weight was so much different. I've gone up and down a couple of times. I hope I've broken the 5-year cycle now!

  2. I would definitely be able to recognize myself but not because I look anything like that but because I haven't taken a decent picture of myself in about that long. I have avoided cameras since I gained weight. I always think that I would not want anything to remind me of this time in my life.. Sad isn't it. I joined weight watchers in January and have lost 25 pounds so I'm thinking that it's time to dust off my camera. :)

  3. Lol, no I probably wouldn't since I've grown up so much since then!