Thursday, August 07, 2008

The wait is over...kind of!

With the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics due to happen in Beijing tomorrow night, you might well think I am jumping the gun a little, but the Olympic competition has begun in at least two sports. The women's soccer (football) started last night, and tonight the Olyroos (the Australian men's soccer team) take to the park against Serbia. And so begins just over two weeks of sport. As an armchair sports fan from way back, I love it when the Olympics, or any other major sports event for that matter, is on!

There's just one thing left to say at this point in time and that is....

Come on Aussies!


  1. I don't like sports of any sort yet I was still happy to hear Canada beat Argentina the other day.

  2. Hey Marg, I just got finished catching up with your last several posts. Wow, you had lots of good content in a very short period of time. I know that takes a lot of work and I appreciate it.

    I love the summer Olympics and we are looking forward to tuning in. Is there a time lapse for you on the coverage?

  3. Nicola, national pride at the Olympics is very much a part of it for me. I tear up everytime I hear the anthem.

    Rosie, thanks hun! The time zones work for us for this Olympics. I think that Beijing is a couple of hours behind us which means that we don't need to wait up until the middle of the night to watch events like we normally do!

    Zeek, I am looking forward to watching the opening ceremony and then I love to watch the actual sports too!