Thursday, October 09, 2008!

I think a few people know, but I don't blog a lot about the fact that I do occasionally do something for fun other than read, or blog. Surprising but true! I make cards. I don't make them particularly well, and I am not particularly great at photographing them to get them at the best angle, but I do it nonetheless, occasionally at least.

For a long time, sitting under the sidebar has been a link to my other blog - Card Making Adventures - where the plan was to post pictures of the cards that I have been making, so that going forward if I wanted to remember how something looked I would have somewhere to go and look at the final product.

Let me tell you just how neglected my poor Cardmaking Adventures blog is. Yesterday I went into it to look at something, and was surprised to see that it had a background. I visit it so rarely that I couldn't even remember adding a background to the blog. How bad is that?

So, instead of maintaining a separate blog, I am going to post my card making stuff here. You will notice that it is pretty rare. I think about making cards, and buy the things necessary for making cards a lot more regularly than I actually DO the making of cards. The other thing which limited my posting there was that my digital camera was playing up, but I wasn't sure if it is the camera or the battery charger. Last weekend I bought a new charger so we should be able to see exactly where the problem is soon.

Some time in the next couple of weeks, I will move the posts over from the other blog, and then going forward, very occasionally I will post something here.


  1. Looking forward to see some new cards! :-)

  2. Turning the flash off on your camera when you take close up pictures of things like cards and books makes a big difference. Can't wait to see your cards!

  3. I love this idea. I would totally like to read about your card making - vicariously - I love crafty projects and never have the time to do them.

  4. excellent! I used to make cards, and also did a lot of buying of materials to make cards - often two completely different hobbies. I would love to see, and be inspired, by your cards.
    Ooh, I can't wait now to see your cards. I hope they aren't too spectacular and then I'll be intimidated, jk:)

    I have that little hammer too! For making eyelets.

  5. Raidergirl - you are right. Two completely different hobbies. I am never really all that happy with my cards so I don't think that there will be any danger of you being intimidated!

    Carolyn Jean - I struggle on the time factor too. The other thing is the organisation of it. I haven't got a particular place where I can just leave everything out and go back to it, so I am forever moving everything around, and wondering where I put that thing that I just have to use right now!

    Ladytink, now there's a challenge. Remembering how exactly to turn the flash off, but it might be the key to getting better photos!

    Ana, there are quite a few new ones to take photos of! Just a case of locating them and doing it.

  6. I've been thinking about my beading too! I haven't even touched anything since before Joel was born, and he is now almost 10 months old! I think the last thing beading related I did was to go to the Bead and Gem Show last year, and it is on again this weekend! So I have a lot of supplies and kits and things to dabble with.

  7. I've always admired people who do cards and scrapbooking. If only I had time for all kinds of hobbies!

  8. Marg - I do remember taking a look at some of the cards that you made over there. And I thought some of the cards were awesome! I have forgotten to go back and see if you've posted anything else new, since I've been busy. And with times passing by, I forgot about the whole things..shame on me! *grin*

    Would love to see some of the cards you made. Do you scrapbooks too? I love to make cards too and on occassion, I would do them and sent it off to friends. I'm even sorry that I did take pictures of my finish cards that I made...

  9. No worries about not going back Julia! I haven't posted anything new for forever!

    I don't do scrapbooking...just cards, but I do try to take photos every time, although I may have forgotten to take a couple of photos.

  10. I look forward to hearing more!! My friend is pretty creative and I keep trying to convince her to make cards (she loves to write her own). I have another blog (more personal one) as well where I rarely post and have thought about combining the two as well.

  11. Hello,
    I also design cards!
    I put a link to my blogspot so you can have a look!
    I really enjoy making them and hearing people saying nice things about them is even nicer!
    Even leave a comment if you like... is free advertising :)

  12. Hi Kathleen, I would love to stop by your blog, but you didn't leave a link!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. hi there I will check back to see your cards. I love art inspiration, which is one reason I surf blogs. My sister Sarah makes cards and she is so talented - last month I cut out nine or ten random pictures from magazines and sent them to her and she made them into cards. I'll post photos on my blog this weekend about it. I like to make quilts and do some art. And read of course. Have you read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn."? What about "The Alchemist" or "The Life of Pi" or... well I could go on all day. Thanks for your blog, and for your ideas. Saw you made Blogs of Note - congratulations.

  14. My mother does this, too. I really should try to get her into reading blogs.

  15. I just read your card-making adventures blog and now saw this post - love the idea of combining the reading ang card making on one blog. Mine's kind of like that too...running and card making. Yes, it's a weird combo.

  16. Thank goodness someone familiar; David Bowie. I got lost exploring the web.



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