Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not long to go now

The 2008 Advent Blog Tour starts in just a few days, and I am really excited at the prospect of visiting all the bloggers who are contributing this year.

In case you were thinking it is too late to join in for this year, it really isn't! Whilst we do have a great list of blogs, some familiar stops on my daily blog hopping, but others brand new to me, it would be great to have more. So don't be shy, sign up by commenting on this post.

Just in case you haven't signed up yet because you aren't 100 percent sure of what kind of things you could possible post about as part of the tour, I have randomly picked a post from last year to use an example. Click on the link to see what Suey from It's All About Books posted last year.


  1. Until today I had no idea what I was going to write about but I finally have an idea.

  2. My problem is not so much no idea, but rather too many half baked ideas!