Thursday, November 27, 2008

Which Historical Queen Are You?

Your result for The Which Historical Queen Are You Test...

Catherine de Medici

You scored 58% on ruling power!

You are: Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, 1519-1589.
Catherine de Medici was a born into the influential Medici family of Florence, Italy. In 1533 she was given in a political marriage to Henri, Duke of Orleans, who became the French King in 1547. As queen she was very influential in bringing aspects of Italian culture to France, such as their theater and food. After her husband's death, she gained political power as regent for her sons (she had ten children). An ambitious woman, she actively involved herself in the political intrigues of the court, always trying to increase royal power. At first Catherine tried to reconcile France's opposing Catholic and Protestant factions as their violent disputes threatened national unity. But with the massacre in 1570 of Protestants (the massacre of St Bartholomew), this peace was shattered, and Catherine was blamed for allowing it to happen.

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  1. Not me. You are: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England and of France, 1122-1202. Eleanor was one of the most influential figures of the 12th century. Married at age fifteen to Louis VII of France, she later divorced him to marry Henry II, the future King of England. She bore Henry eight children, two of them future kings of England. Throughout her life she maintained control over her extensive lands in Southern France, and cleverly managed the lives of her children and grandchildren

  2. OH, I love reading about Eleanor of Aquitaine!

  3. I received Queen Elizabeth I

  4. I got Eleanor of Aquitaine as well. I was planning on going to the library and borrowing her biography by Wier. I forgot her first name. How funny.

    Looking forward to Advent Tour.

  5. I am Queen Victoria. It's up on my blog.

  6. I got Catherine de Medici as well.