Monday, December 01, 2008


Or very nearly ready to take off on our first day of the 2008 Advent Blog Tour! I am so excited, and I can't wait to see what you all have for us as treats!

First things first, a couple of pieces of business! The first is to draw the prize winner for this year's tour -

Joanna from Lost in A Good Story

Joanne if you could please contact me (my email is in my profile) we will work out which store or what book you would like!

Second thing second - If as the tour progresses you feel inspired to want to contribute something but you are not already on the list, then please leave a comment and join in on the fun. We can always slot you in on the list!

So, on with the tour!

The stops for December 1 are at Alabama Bookworm, at Joanna's blog, Lost in a Good Story and at You Can Never Have Too Many Books with Susan (great blog title too Susan!).

Everyone has already got their posts up, and I already feel more Christmassy than I had been!


  1. Thanks for re-capping this day's advent-posts. I am preparing mine for tomorrow as we speak and cannot wait to put it up. Due to time-zone differences I don't know what time it will be up, but it will probably be mid-morning/mid-day your time.

  2. Yay, cool, I've never won anything before! I'm off to contact you right away! P.S. I spell my name with an a at the end... ;-)

  3. Sorry Joanna! I got your blog name wrong in the original list as well! Not doing too well here am I?

  4. Marg, thank you and Kailana for doing this Advent Blog Tour. I intend the check all the posts daily!

  5. I loved posting for this event and am really excited to read the posts of everyone on the tour.

  6. I have to add that I had so much fun doing my post on Day 1! Thank you and Kailana so much for doing this! Today's posts are just as good. This is so much fun, sharing each other's Christmas traditions.

  7. Thanks Marg for doing this! I had fun going to the first three Advent Tour for December 1st bloggers. I had fun learning about others and their tradition :) (thanks all 3 of you for fun tours!)

    Now onto the next Advent Tour, which is December 2nd and 3rd bloggers...



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