Monday, December 01, 2008

Word Verification is back on

Back at the beginning of October, I posted about a movement that Bethany from B&B Ex Libris was starting to Kill Word Verification. Because I do appreciate the frustration that there can be at having to type in these random letters that are sometimes very difficult to read, I decided to be brave and turn my word verification off to.

Unfortunately, over the last couple of weeks I have been getting lots and lots of spam, all in Japanese or Chinese, so completely wasted on me. It hasn't just been one comment here or there either. Tonight I had 40 spam comments left, and I have to say it took me a darned sight longer to clean up than it did for the tosser who was posting them to do so!!

So, what I am trying to say is that Word Verification is back on! I hope that it doesn't stop people from leaving real comments. Sorry Bethany, as much as I would love to not ever have to type in random letters again for word verification, it is going to have to stay on my blog for the time being!


  1. I had no idea you were so popular in Asia! :) I'm sorry that didn't work out for you. I wonder if you could tweak your blogger settings to where they would get rid of those for you automatically?

    I'll still comment, of course. When I have to type in letters, I practice my typing to see if I can type it correctly without looking at my keyboard. ;)

  2. It's the same with me...if I try to turn it off, I get something like 10 spam comments in the next few hours. Worry not, Marg, I'm sure everyone will keep on commenting.

  3. Wow, what a hassle. Don't these people have better things to do, then mess with people's blogs?

    I am not that popular, but I don't want to deal with spam, I wouldn't know how to get rid of it so maybe I will consider word verification.

  4. I no longer use word verification, but I do moderate comments. Both have advantages and disadvantages, I suppose. It's a pain to type in the letters, but sometimes moderating the comments confuses people -- they can't figure out why their comments don't instantly appear. It's worth it for spam prevention, though. I don't know what people think they're getting out of spamming.

  5. I started moderating comments when I got one racist, rambling post on my blog that took forever to get to the bottom of to delete. I took it off, and within a day the same nut job was back! So I'm back to moderating--sure beats waking up to find a bunch of garbage on my blog.

  6. I don't really want to moderate comments either. You are right Bookfool, there are advantages and disadvantages both ways.

  7. I don't mind typing in the nonsense...doesn't bother me. I have had some spam, but not an overwhelming amount thankfully.



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