Monday, January 19, 2009

What do you think?

So the story goes that this person was having breakfast in a cafe, saw a hot guy and had a brief chat, but didn't get his name. When he left, he forgot his jacket so the girl has put up a video on Youtube to try and find him.

There is some talk as to whether or not this is for real or a clever marketing campaign, and the girl has been on the news here this morning. One of the reasons why people are thinking it is fake is because the jacket hasn't been released into shops here yet apparently.

What do you think? Fake or real? Romantic or marketing?


  1. This reminds of the website a guy made up to find a girl he saw on the subway. She turned out to be an Aussie. They were interviewed on the Today Show (I think).

    But this video? I'm not convinced. She's awfully honest for someone who's only made one other (bodgy) YouTube video. Maybe it's some kind of Valentine's Day campaign?

    Also, I wish my room were that neat. LOL

  2. Even if my room was tidied up it would never look that stylised!

  3. Hmm. It seems a bit suspicious to me. For the point you mention about the jacket and then the room issue. I don't recall her ever mentioning the name of the breakfast cafe or did she?

  4. My take - absolutely, positively, FAKE. Keep us posted, Marg. :)

  5. Seems a bit fake to me, honestly. Will be interesting to see what happens, I guess.

  6. Well, she never says the brand name of the jacket. So maybe it's not an ad. or maybe they counted on it being picked up in the news.

  7. I don't think I believe her, but that is based on the interview she did on the news. When she is asked to look down the camera and say it is for real, I think her body language suggests she is lying.

    You can see the clip here

  8. I'm not clued into web advertising but I thought she sure rambled on for a long time about not being a stalker and stuff.

    So I definitely don't know but I would have thought it was genuine except like someone said - why wouldn't she try giving more specifics unless she was worried about safety.

    And then, what if he has a girlfriend or is married!! Like, HELLO!!


  9. This has been revealed to be a marketing ploy, so all of us cynics were proved correct!

  10. Thank you for the update. I'm not surprised in the least.

  11. very fake. ??

    will check out the other link...
    but why?



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