Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not always on the ball

You know, there are some days when I swear that I am a kangaroo short of a top paddock (it's not the expression I would usually use, but I thought I would throw in an Australianism for you).

Today I forgot to turn my alarm off even though it was the first day of my vacation, so I was awake at 6am, so I already knew that I was starting the day off a little tireder than I would like.

I had a few things to do, fortunately around the local area, one of which was to pick my son's bike up from the bike repair shop so we went there. The bike wasn't ready (it'd been there for a week but lets not concentrate on that too much) so they said come back in ten minutes. In order to fill in the time we walked to the local video shop and borrowed a couple of DVDS, and then went back to the bike shop. The bike was ready so that was all good - next stop was the butchers.

When we got to the butcher's I realised that I couldn't find my mobile phone that I had had in my hand so the options were that I had either left it in the bike shop or the video shop. So I sent the boy back to the video shop but he returned without success. While I did what I needed to do at the butchers, I sent him back to the bike shop.

I was just getting back to the car with the meat when I hear my ring tone very clearly and loudly. My phone was in my pocket. The man at the bike shop had rung my number, and I answered. Everyone in the bike shop was very entertained.

Most of the time my brain is pretty good, but apparently it has decided to go on vacation too!


  1. "Kangaroo short of a top paddock" lol, that's a new one for me! I've had those kind of days. Take it easy!

  2. Well...I totally don't get the Kangaroo thing, but it was funny!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. That was just what I thought: Your brain is already in complete vacation mode :o)

    Hope you have some great days off work. Its summer down there, right?

  4. I love the 'kangaroo short of a top paddock'! I love learning new sayings that I might be able to use. That has to be the worst when you're on vacation and you forget to turn that alarm off. Hope the rest of the vactation is awesome! How long are you on vacation for?

  5. Once I was looking all over for my car key and after frantically searching the house, now late for work, I found them. In my hand. LOL

  6. Man, I lose my cellphone all the time, so I can totally relate. lol I have it in my hand, put it down, and then I am trying to find another phone to call myself with...

  7. I hope that your brain is resting good on it's vacation but more important I hope you get the rest that you need too. Have a great vacation, Marg :)

  8. It happens to the best of us Marg. Really! I hope your getting more sleep tonight!

  9. a kangaroo short of a top paddock

    Have never heard that before - NEVER. Does that make me unAustralian? ;-)

    Have a lovely day! :-)