Friday, February 27, 2009

Feed my Inbox assistance?

Is anybody subscribed to this blog through the Feed My Inbox widget that I have in the sidebar?

If yes, can you tell me do you receive an email every day, regardless of whether I post something new, or only when I do post something?

I have added this widget to a blog which is only getting updated once or twice a month but apparently it sends an email every day regardless of whether there is new content or not, which is understandably a bit annoying to subscribers, and I would like to figure out if this is what is meant to happen or if it is an anomaly.


  1. Marg I use FeedMyInbox to monitor your blog, since my RSS Reader refuses to cooperate with it. However FeedMI has had a few problems this week, delivering about 8 duplicate postsing one day. Normally it behaves properly though

  2. I meant to ask you why RSS Reader do you use?

  3. I just subscribed, so I'll let you know. Sometimes, for me, it's easier to keep up by email. Was it easy to set this up?