Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just when you think you are getting ahead..

As of about 2 hours ago, the clutch in my car is completely screwed. There is not a lot I can do about it, but it is pretty easy to get into a woe is me frame is mine.

The car has been towed to the front of my brother in laws mechanic. In the morning, I will have to try and get back down there and get a quote from him to fix the car.

One of my friends rang his mechanic and he has suggested it is going to cost at least $600 to get repaired!



  1. Yeah, fixing cars is an expensive undertaking -- we just had to have work done on my mother's car and it was $600 -- plus it took them a week to figure out what was wrong with it!

  2. wow, pricey! Fixing cars is no fun! I like taking public transit for that worries about maintenance

  3. Yikers!!Over vacation we had to fix both are cars. That was a boat load of money we gave away.

    Hoping it is cheaper that 600 bucks:)

  4. Uggggh Marg. So sorry. I get so upset when I have car troubles first because I hate being without my vehicle and second because it is so expensive to fix them. Hope you won't get stuck with $600.