Sunday, February 08, 2009

Library woes

A few weeks ago I was quite ruthless and returned more than 20 books to the library because I just had so many books out, and I was feeling very much under pressure in terms of due dates, and not reading the books that I own.

What I was hoping was that would mean that I would not need to be returning books to the library unread, but it doesn't seem that that plan has quite worked out as I anticipated.

Today I will be returning The Vizard Mask by Diana Norman without having even opened the book, and also The Mystery of Glass that I have read the first 20 pages of, but it is just not possible for me to finish before it needs to be returned, mainly because I can't renew it as someone else has requested it. The sad thing is that I really want to read both of them, particularly the Norman book as I do enjoy reading her books.


  1. Can you take them out again?

    And you are not alone. I return books unread all the time.

  2. I hate when that happens and someone has requested a book that I want to renew. I return books unread a lot as well but I don't worry about it too much as I know I will check them out again.

  3. I am so bad for this. Last week I returned a bunch and it will probably be no different this time around and I have a couple of really good ones out that I want to read. What I think I'll start doing is keeping a list of what I return that I still want to read and just renew them later on again.

  4. Mercury had been retro-grade all last month = breakdowns in communication, transportation...and reading schedules. The books you crave will all come back to you in due time; and in no time. Call them back to you; it's time. You can have all that you want and more, so be ready to receive.

  5. I did this with my movie rentals - I was sick of paying late fees. I'm trying to stay away because I've returned way too many unwatched and then I get mad cause it cost me money.

    Hopefully you can return on time and then take them out again when you have more time - and it won't cost you money!


  6. Oh yes, I have been there a time or two or twenty. It's like I get library crazy and can't stop checking out books. This year, I've been way better. I think the challenges have helped keep me more focused on what I can and shouldn't check out.

  7. I know how that is. Sometimes you just have to be ruthless :(

  8. Ladytink, yes, sometimes you do have to be ruthless, or at least be honest with yourself and recognise that it just isn't going to happen this time!

    J Kaye, two of these books are my challenge books! Whoops!

    Cindy, thankfully no late fees, or at least not many. I will definitely be reborrowing them.

    Samantha and Leya, I don't know why I feel so guilty about doing this, but I do!

    Teri, thanks...I think.

    Dar, I keep one of those lists as well. It currently has 64 items on it. **red-faced now**



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