Monday, March 09, 2009

Desperate for comments

I must let my excitement show a little more than I thought when I get comments on posts here at the blog.

Tonight, I thought my son was asleep, when I came in for one final check of my email etc. I was checking away when I heard a voice from his bedroom say "Have we got any compliments yet?".

No baby. No comments either.

Goodness only knows what messages I send to that child subconsciously! LOL!


  1. I made a long comment, and blogger swallowed it up!!!!

  2. Fine, I'll see if I can remember it.

    I'm the same way about comments. I hover around, waiting for them, especially on the fiction I post on Fridays.

    I've dragged my kids in a little bit. I will sometimes hire them to make cookies for my Sunday post, and they volunteered to do my last Thursday Thirteen and agreed to help with the next one.

  3. ROFL. I don't worry about comments, but I know the feeling of having to get up too late to peek at the latest stuff at HFO and Goodreads :)

    The Bronzehorseman is finally waiting for me at the library. Been waiting for several months for my turn at the one and only copy.

  4. I actually do have a "compliment!" I watched the videos this morning at 5:30 really quick before my walk, and my main thought was that your son is a very handsome kid! He may not appreciate that though if he's anything like my son. LOL!

  5. Snort! How cute!

    I do the same thing with comments. Last night on twitter, people were speculating that twitter has cut into blog comments. argh!

  6. That is too cute!! Tell him he sounds adorable (a compliment just for him - will it make him blush?).

  7. I too love comments! :) That is very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  8. comments are such a buzz. I always find it odd which posts get lots too.

  9. Lol. Comments are addicting aren't they?

  10. lol! So cute. And I love comments too! Who doesn't? But as I was telling another blogger recently, not getting them doesn't necessarily mean the post hasn't been read and appreciated.

  11. Nymeth, I've given up trying to work out what people will and won't comment on. Sometimes you put something up that lots of people have something to say about, and other times you spend hours shaping a post that you hope others will find interesting, and get nothing!

    Ladytink, they are addicting, and a little bit exciting!

    CJ, I am avoiding Twitter as I spend far too much time online alredy! Do you think it cuts into blog comments?
    Hagelrat, that is exactly what I meant in my reply to Nyment above.

    Bethany, it started out cute when we were doing it! I was pretty over it by the end of the day, especially when the videos all took about an hour or so to load! LOL!

    Daphne and Shelley, I think he's cute!

    Misfit, I may have also been checking HFO for one last time when I checked my emails and things. I can't tell you how many times I visit there a day, sometimes logged in, sometimes just lurking. I hope you enjoy The Bronze Horseman!

    Alice, that's great that you have recruited your kids!

  12. That's too cute that your son said that!

  13. What a wonderful Mom you are! Those videos are cute and as Shelley commented, he's a cutie. Tell him he got lots of comments. We all love them. When I blog about Shmoo, if I happen to mention it to him, he'll ask if "we" got any comments. It's a hoot.

  14. My moment of revelation came when my son was playing with his toy laptop (back when he was just a toddler) and I tried to play with him and he looked at me and said, "Don't touch my laptop!"

  15. LOL...hilarious....I guess you are more vocal than you thought. I hope that the comments keep on coming!

  16. That's cute! Since I am really bad about forgetting the whole 'little ears' concept, I am probably the worst person to be around children...

  17. Hi Marg, it seems I do get something from you every day in my in-box. Or it seems like it! Always welcome, by the way.

  18. Ha, ha, ha!!! Thanks for the laugh!! Kids definitely say the darndest things and they never cease to amaze me . . . no matter what their age!!! :)

  19. Aww that is cute video! LOL --- love it! :)

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