Monday, March 09, 2009

Indulging my son

It is a public holiday here this weekend because it is Labor Day. So what do you do on a day off when you are not feeling 100%. Well, you make wrestling videos with your child! Bear in mind that the video is taken with my very old digital camera, and that the camera person is not very experienced if you watch them!

Can you tell who my favourite is out of these two wrestlers???

I never actually realised how scary it must be being a wrestler! It would have to given that there is a giant hand that comes into the ring to do the count, as evidenced by this next video:

We are getting very technically advanced now! We even have entrance music! Unfortunately it is only saved on my son's Ipod so it's not the best sound quality, but still!

We don't mention the fact that one of these wrestlers has lost his head before he even gets into the ring! And we won't talk about the fact that I really hate listening to the sound of my voice when it is recorded, even when I am not all nasally like I am today.

Later we even figured out other ways to add music, but I will spare you all the torture of those videos....for now!

I haven't uploaded video to Blogger before. It was pretty easy, but oh my goodness, it took forever to upload! Oh, and I have noticed that when I am at home with my son, I say oh my goodness a lot! If I am at work I use other words! LOL!

And to finish....the star of the show. In the background you can see how perilously overstacked my bookcases are. All the shelves are double stacked with others stacked on top as well! I really need to get a new one or two!

We can't talk about the hair either. He wants to grow an afro, and while he definitely has the hair to pull it off, I have a different opinion!


  1. lol, loved them!!!!
    the addition of music is much better!
    as to the afro... atleast he's not cutting his hair himself....

  2. lol. These are great! What's with the leg thing in the one with music? I know nothing about wrestling.

    My ds is trying very hard to NOT have and afro, just as I did. Blond afroes are just weird.

  3. Loved the videos although I couldn't listen to the music right now. My dog goes beserk when the computer starts talking or singing. lol. Your son is such a cutie. I have to say I wouldn't like the idea of the afro either.

  4. Noni, I guess that is one bonus, although we have been there before too!

    Alice, I have no idea! At this point in time I know far more about wrestling than I ever thought I would, but it's knowledge that has been acquired without any real effort on my part!

    Dar, I think I am going to have to find a way to talk him out of it.

  5. it is always fun when bloggers post videos on their sites - I love getting to see and/or hear the people I read all the time.

    as for the hair, my 7-yr old son's is longer than mine right now and he keeps getting mistaken for a girl, but he doesn't care - that's how he wants it. it drives my husband crazy, but i figure as long as it isn't permanent (tattoo, piercing, etc.) I'm fine with it! :)