Friday, April 10, 2009

April Card Swap

I haven't been mentioning much about card making recently, simply because I really haven't been making anything. I think this year I have only made some bookmarks if you don't count the two classes I've been to. In a couple of days I will hopefully post some images of the cards that we have made in the classes we have had this year so far. Of course, I have still been buying stuff for card making!

Today though I sat down and used some of the things that I bought recently. That is quite unusual in itself. Normally I have to have something NOW, and find it months later and wonder what it was that I was intending to make.

The reason for suddenly getting busy is that at our last class, I volunteered myself into the April card swap, which meant that I really needed to hurry up and make the 8 identical cards that I needed to produce in time for next Friday! I am not finished yet, but I just need to finish cutting out the dragonflies and sticking them onto the cards and then I will be done, and there is every chance that will be no Thursday night rush this time!

The theme for the card swap this month was Autumn. I suspect that a lot of people are going to do lots of leave type things, but as soon as I heard the theme I knew that I wanted to use the diamond paper that I had recently bought because I thought that the colours were very autumnal.

Normally when I start making something, I have a fair idea in my mind, but I am never quite happy with the way the finished product turns out. There's always just something that is not quite right. With today's cards I knew what I wanted the feature to be but I didn't know how I was going to implement it. I have to say that for a change I am really very happy with the finished result.

I am not sure that you can really see it from the photos, but the wings on the dragonfly have been folded upwards so that this is very much a card with extra definition.

Originally I bought the diamond paper so that when I try and make more bookmarks I don't have to sit there and measure out the diamonds and cut them out by hand, but now I will have to buy more because I have used it all on this card. That is because the yellow colour you can see is on the reverse of the diamonds! Never mind.


  1. These are really beautiful Marg! The diamond pattern is lovely and perfect for the autumn theme and the dragonflies are gorgeous.