Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Coming to you live from the library!

Just a really quick post to say that I am still alive, but still without a home internet connection. The ISP is saying that I should be up and going by this weekend, but I am pretty much at the point where I will believe it when I see it!

Had a busy weekend, got a $100 book voucher for Borders for my birthday so trying to figure out which books I am going to buy and got a $200 voucher when I finally got my new mobile phone so more decisions required there. I also finally bought some more bookcases which I am VERY happy with.

Fingers crossed for being back online on the weekend. I have more than 10000 feeds in my Bloglines account only so it is going to take me a while to catch up!


  1. Hope things work out that you get things back online! I have over a 1000 posts to read in bloglines, too, and I haven't gone anywhere. lol I'll turn my MSN on this weekend, so if you do get the net back, look for me there! We can catch up. :)

    That's awesome on the gift cards! I hope when you make your decision you will post the list!

  2. Marg, I definitely feel for you! I hope your internet connection is back up and running by Friday at the latest!
    As for the catching up time - I can only imagine how hard it must be with 10,000 unread blog posts! I usually freak out when I have my 800+ on Saturday night...
    Hope you'll be back soon, I miss your posts!

  3. Wow; congrats on the great gift cards. I'd be anxious to spend them :)

  4. What a great birthday gift!

    Keeping fingers crossed that you get your internet stuff fixed.

  5. Did I read that right? TEN THOUSAND feeds into your blogline? Holy cow!


  6. Ooh. Happy belated birthday!

    Hopefully your internet connection will be fixed soon!

  7. OMG I would go batty without internet.. thank goodness for the iPhone for those emergencies though!
    Congrats on your Bookcases.. that's a major event in our lives!