Wednesday, June 03, 2009

One frustrated blogger!

I am babysitting my nephew tonight, and because he is quite little still that means that I can get some internet time in now that he has gone to bed! I was hoping to do my May round up post, but I left the USB that I saved my spreadsheets onto at home, so that may need to wait a bit longer.

I am still without an internet connection at home and I have to tell you, it is driving me crazy. I was in bed at 8.30 the other night simply because I couldn't do what I would normally have done! Last night I was in bed early but I did read for a couple of hours so that probably doesn't count.

I am having issues with getting my old internet provider to take their codes off my phone line so my new internet provider can put their codes on. I rang up last Friday and asked for immediate removal of the codes, and then rang back again on Monday to see if it was going to be happening soon, only to find that it was scheduled for this Friday - a full week after I originally asked for it to happen. If it doesn't happen on Friday as it is supposed to you may well be able to hear me yelling at the person on the other end of the line on the other side of the world.

You would think that with no computer time I would be able to get more reading done, but that doesn't really seem to be happening either. The main reason for this was that I went away with a group of girlfriends over the weekend to a place called Phillip Island which is about 90 minutes away from Melbourne. It is most famous for the penguins that call the island home, but we really went for a pamper weekend which involved quite a bit of eating and drinking, massages for some of the girls, and a pedicure for others (including me!). I did manage to get up early on Sunday morning and go down to the surf beach to hear the roar of the ocean. It was a little cold so we didn't stay a terribly long time, but we did get to get a look at some of the wetsuit clad surfers.

This weekend I will be having quite a few people around which I am stressing out a little about because I don't normally do anything to celebrate, but I am sure it will be fine. I'll keep on telling myself that anyway.

Because I haven't done a lot of reading over the last few days I am actually still reading In the Woods by Tana French and Why Shoot the Butler by Georgette Heyer, as well as To Beguile a Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt. I think I should be finished those books in the next couple of days and so will be moving on.

The big question for when I do get reconnected again at home is whether I will ever be able to catch up on feeds and things. At the moment I have loads of requests on Facebook, over 8000 feeds in Bloglines and haven't visited the forums that I either am a member of or that I moderate for nearly a week and before that I was a bit sporadic due to the connection issues I was having.

Fingers crossed, I will be back on line properly this weekend, just in time for a big Sunday afternoon session and Monday recovery because we have a long weekend here this weekend.


  1. Marg, just letting you know I am still having a problem in using the RSS feed of your post from feedburner

  2. I hope that you get internet soon I know how flustrating that can be.

  3. Fingers crossed! :-)

  4. ARGH! I'd be going nuts without being able to drop into forums I follow, let alone the gossipy world of Amazon. My fingers are crossed as well.

  5. Oh Marg I totally understand how frustated you must be. I hope you get back online as soon as possible, even if you're going to spend the first week busy checking all those feeds on Google Reader. ;-)

  6. Just to let you know that I've got a new blog, I'm now posting here. :-)

  7. I can see why you're frustrated. Hope things work out for you, soon.

  8. I really hope your internet connection gets fixed soon! I can't imagine how backed up you must be with all this going on.

  9. Fingers crossed in Philly for you! I know how hard it can be to catch up. Do what you can and let the rest go. Don't sweat it sweetie!

  10. Hope everything works out, soon!

    P.S. I got a job! It sucks, but whatever. It's a long story that I won't get into on here!

  11. Ack! That sound so frustrating. I hope you are up and running soon. I start getting the shakes when I'm disconnected for any length of time... :-)

  12. I'm hoping you get some time to actually relax. I'm also hoping that your tech needs are soon met!

    I know how frustrating all of that can be. You have my sympathies.

  13. Hi Marg

    You won our giveaway of Lover Avenged at Royal Reviews! Please email me your address and I'll organise for it to be posted to you. anniebucknall (at) hotmail (dot) com



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