Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come in Spinner

In the last cardmaking post I did I mentioned that I was trying out some new techniques, one of them involving a new to me product called Twinkling H2Os. Because I enjoy just sitting there painting across the page with the watercolours, I have numerous backgrounds created mostly in a similar shade to the ones that you see here, but also a couple of others. When I was at Paperific I also bought a new stamp featuring a stylised lady made by an Australian company called Eclectic Images. They have quite a few more of these ladies, and I think I am going to have to purchase some of them before too much longer. Once I had my background, I stamped and embossed the lady and then coloured her in using more Twinkling H2Os. At first this was just a play around, but I think it looks good with the two ladies on it. I am pretty pleased with the final effect, and am thinking that I am going to try and make more lady cards and/or bookmarks. To aid with this I just HAD to go and buy more colours yesterday!

I did try and create a colour chart of the different colours that I now own, but given that I have now bought more I need to add those. I just love that you can different depth in the shades from a single colour, and use them both for backgrounds and for colouring. The fact that you get a lovely shimmery effect doesn't hurt either!

The second card was inspired by one of the monthly card swap cards that I received last month - a spinner card!

A friend of mine is turning 40 this week. She is a very girlie girl who loves pink and Cosmo cocktails, so my aim was to incorporate those two aspects into one card. I used the same technique as I did with the dragonflies. You start by stamping your image using Perfect Medium or Versamark, and then sprinkling hot set glue powder over the image. You then use your heating tool to melt the powder and sprinkle your glitter over the now melted glue. By heating again with the heating tool you cause the glue to set, meaning that the glitter is set into the glue and therefore won't just wipe off the card in the future. The paper that I used is from Alison Ellis Designs as is the glitter.

I've put in an order for some really small word stamps so that in future I would be able to stamp the Happy Birthday in, but for now I had to write it. I think I am going to have to order this cocktail stamp as well. At the moment I am just borrowing it from a friend.

The neat thing about this card is that the cocktail spins. It is a bit difficult to show that in still photos so I took a few seconds of video with my phone to show it in action. It isn't exactly easy to get a good shot when you are the person holding both the camera and the object, but hopefully you will get the idea!

I feel as though I need to give you all fair warning that you are going to see various incarnations of these cards a few more times, because I am pretty enamoured of them! In my mind I am seeing spinning dragonflies amongst other things! I do love that dragonfly stamp that I used last time.


  1. Just dropping in to tell you that Shellie of Layers of Thought gave me an award and I'm passing it on to you! Stop by the post to grab the button and check out the instructions.

  2. That spinner card is so cute! Your friend is going to love it.

    I started using some Twinkling H20s recently too. Aren't they great? Of course now I want all of them - haha..

  3. I have spent far too much money on them recently Iliana, and there are definitely gaps in my collection so I need to get more! LOL!

    Thanks for the award Bookdragon!