Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coming soon!

There's no cover image yet, but we do have a book description for the new Paullina Simons book which is due to be released here in Australia on 1 November:

How well can you ever really know someone?

If anyone asked Larissa′s husband, children or friends if she was happy, they would say yes. Sometimes too busy, sometimes irritable - but really, what in her wonderful life could be wrong? She has a happy marriage, a dream house, and everything she ever wanted at her fingertips.

Yet a chance encounter with a young man new to town hits her like a lightning bolt. Their connection is electric. Suddenly her lovely home life seems claustrophobic, and the familiar mundane. Irresistible passion drives her to contemplate the unthinkable. But if she dares to make the impossible leap, what will her life be then? Whatever choice she makes, someone will be betrayed...

This is one book that I will be buying the first time I see it! Can not wait!


  1. This does sound interesting! I will look forward to seeing what the cover looks like, too. I wonder if it will look anything like the one I have imagined in my head.

  2. Her first book has been in my TBR pile for so long... I really must get to it soon...

  3. Ana, even if you don't read anything else by Paullina Simons you NEED to read The Bronze Horseman!

    Rebecca, if the recent rereleases of her covers are anything to go by I am expecting to see a woman's face. I guess we won't have to wait too much longer.

  4. Marg, re the cover, half a women's face will keep the trend going.

    Ana, YES The Bronze Horseman is a MUST!

    I didn't like PS's last work, felt very let down by it. So I will wait for your review.

    and just so you know...of course you are an inspiration...what did you think?

    I tried to get creative with the title.

  5. oh, what happened to my first comment??

    I said...

    I can't advise on this list, but I will say... 300 UNread books!? oh man! poor neglected books. Get to reading them! Anything! lol

  6. Oh boy does that sound like a page turner!



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