Friday, September 04, 2009

It's September!

September in Australia means the start of spring, Father's Day, and the very important fact that it is footy finals time!

I have no idea whether my boys will make it all the way to the grand final. Unlike the last couple of years where we lost the elimination finals which is the first game in the finals series, tonight we had a very impressive win and next week will have a big game at the MCG to try and make it further into the finals! I am going to try and get tickets for the next game, but I don't really like my chances!

The MCG and footy are very much part of the character of Melbourne, and this song from the early 90's certainly captures the feelings pretty well. Interesting to look at the video and realise how much the city has changed in the last fifteen or so years!

Go Crows!


  1. That Paul Kelly song just about fits the time I was living in Melbourne, so I've always really liked it. The bit about the MCG and the clock on the silo resonante with me as I remember going to the MCG and seeing that clock. Cool song.

    My father and brother were always Carlton supporters, so I picked Geelong just to be perverse, but I have to admit I'm not really bothered who wins.

  2. And go they did. As another Crows fan I can safely say this group looks about as good as they've ever looked. I'll be there on Saturday night.

    Perry Middlemiss

  3. I didn't realise you were a Crow boy Perry! They do look like the real deal at the moment don't they!

    Kerry, it's great the way certain songs evoke a time or period in our lives isn't it!