Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not that North and South!

Normally if I am talking about North and South I am referring to the BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South, and will inevitably be contemplating the droolworthiness of Richard Armitage but not today.

Today, I wanted to reminisce about watching the John Jakes version of North and South way back when. I think I was a very young teenager when this mini-series came out so it is something of a surprise to think that I was even allowed to watch it, but watch it I did, and I just loved it!

This was my first introduction to Patrick Swayze, and I was smitten from the start. He of course went onto bigger roles, like Dirty Dancing and Ghost, but for me, Patrick Swayze will always be Orry Main. It didn't hurt that there were so many other good things about this mini-series, like, for example, Parker Stevenson and James Read. It also inspired me to go and read the whole trilogy by John Jakes. If I could get these books from the library I would borrow them again and reacquaint myself with the Mains and the Hazzards and the changing world of America during the Civil War.

RIP Patrick Swayze.


  1. You would think, living where I do -- the American south -- that I would have seen this miniseries or read the books but I haven't. Maybe it's time to check both out.

  2. Just like you I was a teenager when this came out. I can remember being SOOO OBSESSED with this mini series.
    I would talk all day about it with my girlfriends at school. For the first time I really started to like history. As an adult now my greatest treasure is owning a copy of this mini series now. Every couple of years I plan several days when I will just watch the whole series. They had so many AMAZING actors appear in this mini series. So sorry to see Patrick go. Thanks for the share.

  3. I loved this mini-series so much that I turned around and read all of the books. Both are so good. God bless Patrick Swayze.

  4. My teenage crush! That's when I was introduced to Patrick Swayze. We taped the mini-series, and I watched it so many time that it wore off... I really need to get it on DVD.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I remember enjoying "North and South" a lot! Thank you for posting this trailer, really fun to see it again.

  6. *ahem* I was a bit older than a teenager when this series came out. Having read the series of books by Jakes we were both looking forward to it.

    We watched every minute of it. I always associate that first watching with cross stitching my family tree for my mother for a Christmas present that year. After she died I got the piece back and it hangs in my bedroom now. I look at it all the time and think of that series.

  7. "North and South" was one of the best mini-series of the 80s. I have the set on DVD and revisiting it is always a pleasure.

    Patrick was fantastic as Orry and I will always remember that as one of his finest performances.

    P.S. I like the BBC "North and South" too. ; )

  8. I absolutely remember watching this and totally fell in love with Patrick and that crush has lasted for over 20+ years.. I will miss him.

  9. I wonder if I can send you North & South through the mail successfully... It won't be the store-bought version, but still... What do you think? Email me about it, okay? :)



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