Saturday, October 24, 2009

Embarrassed? Moi?

You would think that I would be used to the time differences around the world wouldn't you? That it would cross my mind that 10pm on Friday here is actually just Friday starting for most of the world, and NOT Saturday morning?

So, I peaked a bit early in terms of the read-a-thon, and was all set up to start reading last night, even though read-a-thon doesn't start until 10pm on Saturday night my time. Doesn't really matter seeing as I was so tired that I ended up only reading 50 pages of my chosen read anyway!

Starting at 10pm tonight actually means that my read-a-thon time is a bit clearer as well, although there is no way that I will be reading through the night.

Is it just me, or does the word embarrassed always look as though it is spelt incorrectly?

You would also think that I would have remembered that I did the same thing last year as well!

Photo Credit: Tim Davis


  1. I always have to double check my spelling of embarrassed. Hey, I'm starting at 2pm this afternoon, so don't feel bad. :D

  2. We love you anyway, Marg! that's hilarious. And since I misread two party invitations my daughter received this week - I thought they were birthday parties, no, they are Hallowe'en costume parties! and that one was tonight and it's next Fri night - I understand perfectly how you feel!!

  3. Oops. You are a bit further ahead than most everyone else aren't you? I recall one year I set my clock the opposite way for DST and showed up to work two hours early. Could have used the sleep too :/

  4. I haven't done that Misfit...thank goodness!

    Thanks Susan. I am thankful that there doesn't seem to be a big emphasis on Halloween here!

    I did think about changing starting times, Maree, but in the end I just thought I would start at the same time as everyone else, but then sleep as normal. That way I will be cheering all those overseas people who are struggling through the early hours of their morning on my Sunday afternoon/evening!

  5. that's funny, and sounds like something I would do as well, twice.

  6. Awww-I always feel bad about y'all on the other side of the international dateline! And yes, embarrassed always looks misspelled to me.

  7. CHEERS!!! I so need to do more prep. I'm assuming I start at 8 am tomorrow morning and ASSUME I'll be ready for my mini-challenge eventually and somehow drink a ton of coffee to stay awake. HAVE FUN!

  8. Oh! I totally thought you were doing the early start intentionally when I saw you mention it on Twitter... What with the weird time zones and everything!

  9. I'm with you on the whole spelling of "embarrassed" thing. I always double and triple check myself on that one because to misspell it would be, well, embarrassing! :-)




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