Monday, December 28, 2009

For posterity

Just a couple of photos from Christmas 2009.

The first one is Santa's helper! It is the boy's job to help give out all the gifts. This year he bulked up a bit for the job

I might have to declare 2009 the year of the dress, as I bought another one in the last couple of weeks - that's two in a year. Unheard of really.


  1. What a cute kid you have!!!

    Lovely dress too...the only ones I bougth this year were for weddings...I loath them ;-) When sweatpants come into fashion then I'll be all the rage =)

  2. He is isn't he.

    I am really not a dress girl either. Give me jeans and a shirt any day.

  3. Cute pic of your kid in Santa "suit" teehee. I thought the second picture were lovely, because a picture of mother and son together...perfect :)

  4. I love that dress too Marg! You rock them! And your son is soooo adorable. He's going to break some hearts later.

  5. You both look so cute! Dresses look good on you, Marg!

  6. I was going to say Tomi is going to be a heartbreaker, but I guess others beat me to it! I haven't worn a dress in like 10 years, but yay for you!

  7. Aw, cute pics! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the new year!

  8. You both look great! He's had a growth spurt hasn't he? He'll be as tall as you before long.



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