Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Any Gardener types out there?

Anyone have any idea what this plant may be? Given how easily it is growing in my garden, and spreading, I am assuming it is a weed, but it's a kind of pretty weed! Click on the photo to make the image larger if you have any ideas and want a closer look.

And this photo was just because I love the deep purple colours of the flowers. I can sit at the computer and see these flowers from where I sit.


  1. They look a bit like Busy Lizzy (Impatiens Walleriana) which we have in our garden. I'm not completely sure, though.

  2. I have seen them but can't think of the name of them. They are pretty. Love the way the colors blend together.

  3. Looks like a Hibiscus to me but I have never seen one that is a mix of colors like the yellow and pink one. I have the pink one in my yard. However, right now they are under 3 feet of snow. So jealous. Send me a little sun wont you.

  4. does that plant give off small round black "seeds" after all the blooming? If so they are called "4 o'clocks" and come in many colors.. they reseed theirself but you can collect the round "seeds" and give them to friends to plant...

  5. I don't know what they are but I love the color!

  6. oh---pick me again! I'm pretty sure they are 4 o'clocks.

    your hanging basket is gorgeous.

    I just noticed your name is Bates--that is my maiden name. Maybe we have distant relatives :)

  7. I think Des Lilly is right. In fact I have seen them with the multi colors and the pod that is right under the pink one probably has a green seed that will turn black. I was way off.

  8. I first thought Krissi was right, and it was a hibiscus with a really unusual colour combination.

    However, I've just googled "four o'clocks" and they look just like yours. Very pretty!

  9. I don't know what it is Marg, but it sure is beautiful! If it does turn out to be a weed, don't pull it out!!

  10. These are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing since I'm not allowed within 10 feet of plants due to my past history of killing all the ones I owned.

  11. Jenny Girl, I am the same, which is why I thought this one must be a weed or something because I am not killing it.

    Zibilee, they are pretty aren't they. Only thing I am worried about is how easily they seem to be spreading.

    Li, I googled as well, and they definitely do look a lot like 4 O'clocks except I don't think they only open up in the afternoon like the description I read said.

    Krissi, I think they are probably 4 o'clocks too now. It is going to be exceedingly hot here this weekend, so I can probably send some heat your way if you like.

    Kaye, Bates is actually my ex-stepfather's name. I probably should have changed it back to my real birth name years ago but I figured one day I would get married and change my name again anyway, but it hasn't happened yet.

    Linda, they are very pretty aren't they.

    DesLily, I will have to make a special effort to look at the seeds when they finish blooming to see what they look like. I don't normally notice things like that.

    Kathy, the mix in colours does seem very unusual doesn't it.

    Marny, looking at the descriptions for Busy Lizzies, I do think I have some of them in my garden as well.

  12. The purple on on the bottom looks like buddleia. I know that one because I'm allergic to it and it was all over Scotland. Also known as "butterfly plant" because it attracts butterflies. It was nice to see the butterflies, but the itchy eyes not so much.

    I was going to suggest a primula type for the other one. You've got pretty weeds.