Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Readers Imbibing Peril V

There are some challenges that last for a short time in my world and then disappear. Then there are others that I know that I am going to participate in year in year out, and Readers Imbibing Peril (RIP) is one of those challenges. This is the fifth year that Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings has run this challenge.

For those of you who haven't heard about RIP, here's a brief quote from Carl's site:

It is indeed that time of year where two short months are dedicated to reveling in all things creepy, eerie, mysterious, gothic, horrifying, suspenseful and strange.

It is time to celebrate things that go bump in the night; that favorite detective that always gets his man, or woman, in the end; that delicious chill of a creak on the stairs, of the rogue waiting in the dark, of the full moon and the flit of bats wings.

I am planning to complete Peril the 1st, where you aim to read four books that fit the criteria. I am not 100% sure which books I am going to read, but it will most likely be four books from this selection:

Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland
The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness
Gale Force by Rachel Caine
The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier
The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin
Faithful Place by Tana French
The Memorist by M J Rose
Season of Storms by Susanna Kearsley


  1. I'm seeing The Little Stranger on quite a few lists this year (it's on mine too!). I love your choices!

  2. Looks like some good reads you have as potentials. I'm seeing enough of these books on many lists and am going to have to go find out about them myself.

    And every year during RIP it seems I discover a book by du Maurier that I had never heard of previously. I love it when people make book lists!

    thanks for joining in again. I am thrilled that this is one you look forward to every year.

  3. Oh many I've never even heard of! Which means the potential for many being added to the wish list. *sigh* RIP is always hell on the wish list...

  4. Great list!!! I'm happy to see The Little Stranger on there; I hope I can get it read too. It is my main goal. I've been saving it for months, just for this! The Ask and the Answer is fantastic, but I adored the whole series. Have fun with the challenge!

  5. I love reading all these RIP posts! You and I have many of the same books on our lists.

  6. Great choices! I am so excited about this challenge too. It's one I never miss. Enjoy it!

  7. Great stack!Maybe I should add Sarah Waters to my list. Happy reading and good luck!

  8. I haven't read her before Vasilly, but I am pretty sure I will like her from what I have seen/

    I am always excited as well for this challenge as well, Iliana.

    Stephanie, we do have quite a few in common, don't we.

    Heather, I am not sure that there weren't Sarah Waters books on my list last year as well! Hopefully this will be when I do actually read her!

    Debi, having a look around at everyone's lists does mean more books added to the TBR pile again!

    Thanks again for hosting such awesome challenges Carl!

    Kristen, I have high hopes for The Little Stranger.

  9. Glad you are joining in again. I really liked The Little Stranger which was my first Sarah Waters book. I'm interested to see what Gale Force is like.

  10. I'm getting so many ideas from other readers lists it's going to be hard to choose.
    I loved The lIttle Stranger but a lot of people don't so hope you will.
    Just finished Faithful Place - very good.

  11. The Little Stranger and The Memorist. Yes!!!

  12. The Little Stranger is a popular choice. I might have to join in since it is on my TBR pile...

  13. Nice choices I have several on my list too.

    I just read and reviewed the series by MJ Rose and have a giveaway for the last book on my blog. The Hypnotist. Not to many takers so your chances of winning are good.

    I hear she has more coming up.

    Looking forward to your other reviews since we have the MJ Rose in common.



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