Thursday, October 07, 2010

Let the anticipation begin!

This book may not come out for another 5 months, but that doesn't mean that I can't start anticipating it now right?

Angie from Angieville posted yesterday that there is now a cover for the next Sarah Addison Allen book, which is going to be called The Peach Keepers.

There isn't much out there about the book. On the FAQ at her website Sarah Addison Allen says "I'm now working on my fourth book, a novel of superstition, romance and, interestingly enough, peaches."

Can not wait to get my hands on it!


  1. Like you say, there is nothing out there about the book, certainly no one is giving anything away about the plot.

    I love the cover art, something so very simple can portray a thousand images in your imagination

  2. This is on my 'must buy' list as well

  3. Love the cover art! She has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

  4. That's a gorgeous cover- I'm intrigued if peaches are a featured item in the plot!

  5. Oh wow! Another great book to be looking forward to! And I love the cover and the fact that it is about peaches as well! Thanks for sharing this, Dar!

  6. Lovely takes me back to childhood. I grew up on a farm, and peaches were some of the major crops.

    Now I'm really curious as to what kind of story this will be.

  7. Maybe since I write about people who don't know if there'll be dinner, that cover makes my mouth water!

  8. Peaches, huh? I'm totally intrigued! :D

  9. I just saw one of her other books in hardback and almost snapped it up but told myself I have enough books waiting patiently for my attention. But wow! is your enthusiasm contagious. :)



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