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Mailbox Monday: October Acquisitions

When I decided that I was going to start participating in Mailbox Monday on a monthly basis, I decided that I would do so on the last Monday of each month. Apparently, I thought that there were 32 days in October because it only just occurred to me on Saturday that today would be the 1st of November not the last day of October. Whoops!

I mentioned yesterday that I had a pretty good reading month, but despite that my TBR got a lot bigger thanks to my acquisitions this month. Here's what I got:

Glory Girl by Peter Yeldham  (purchased) - I have read a couple of Peter Yeldham books and thoroughly enjoyed them. This one is about the pioneering aviators of the 1920s. I will have to make a real effort to actually fit it into my reading schedule seeing as I bought it on impulse one day.

Kiss at Your Own Risk by Stephanie Rowe (review copy) - I have been meaning to read this author since her Immortally Sexy series came out years ago. I think I even have the first book of that series here somewhere, so when I was offered this one, I thought that this might be a good time to actually read her!

The Perfect Love Song by Patti Callahan Henry (review copy) - This was a kind of surprise when it turned up. I don't normally read holiday novels, but this one does look good so I will make an exception I think!

The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner, The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike, Skins: The Novel by Ali Cronin, I'd Tell You I Love You, but then I would have to Kill You by Ally Carter and Ash by Malinda Lo (Won) - I won all five of these books in a giveaway at Persnickety Snark. I am particularly interested in reading Ash and The Silver Blade, although I will have to try and figure out where Ash is as I think my mum was reading it when she came to visit not too long ago.

The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel by Diana Gabaldon, illustrated by Hoang Nguyen (purchased) - This is the graphic novel of the first half (or so) of the first Outlander book. There was no way I was going to wait for this one to come into the library, which is probably a good thing because it seems that the Australian publisher has decided not to publish it here. Thank goodness for The Book Depository.

The Passionate Brood by Margaret Campbell Barnes (review copy) - I read this last week and loved it. I need to write the review for early next week.

The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook (purchased) - I had decided that this was going to be my first purchase of an ebook, until I found out that Australians can't purchase this book as an ebook. I wanted it enough to buy the paper version of the book, but I suspect that it won't be the last time that I can't get hold of a book that I really want in the format I want it in.

The Countess and the King by Susan Holloway Scott (from the author) - I recieved what is probaby my strangest format ever for an ARC for this book. The author took pity on me and sent me a signed finished copy! Thanks again Susan!

Virgin River, Shelter Mountain, Whispering Rock  and A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr (purchased ebooks) - I read the first Virgin River book ages ago. My library had all of the rest of the books in the series except books 2 and 3 (I always find it a bit odd when that happens), and so I asked them to purchase those two books. The third book arrived, but no sign of the second, so I asked for an inter library loan, but I was told that they couldn't do that for books on order. After months of waiting for the second book to come in, I saw a bundle that included all four books for a bargain price (about the same amount as we would pay for one book here) so I bought them all. These books have the honour of being the first books I bought for my e-reader.

Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed by Tracy Anne Warren (won) - I won this book from Historically Obsessed.

Scoundrel's Kiss by Carrie Lofty - I loved Song of Seduction so now I want to read all of Carrie Lofty's books.

The Hell You Say, Death  of a Pirate King, and The Dark Tide by Josh Lanyon (purchased ebooks) - I won the first two books in this series ages ago, but because I don't really like reading on the computer I hadn't read them yet. After getting my e-reader, I finally read them, and then I was sufficiently hooked that I needed to know what happens next.

The Millionaire's Ultimate Catch by Michelle Monkou - I received an email advising that there is a new website called Everyone's Reading, and they have 11 books available as ebooks for free. I chose to download this one, mainly because I don't often have the chance to read African-American romances.

Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray (ebook review copy) - We were sent this at Historical Tapestry for review. At this stage we are planning a conversational style joint review, so I will be reading this in the next couple of weeks.

The Queen of Last Hopes by Susan Higginbotham (review copy) - I have enjoyed the rest of Susan's books, so I am looking forward to this.

Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman (review copy from Netgalley) - This is a book about a young African boy who has just immigrated to London. I thought it sounded very interesting.

Scandal of the Year and Wedding of the Season by Laura Lee Guhrke (review copy Netgalley) - I have been meaning to try Laura Lee Guhrke for ages, and so with these two books I have a chance to get in at the beginning of a new series.

The Darling Strumpet by Gillian Bagwell (review copy) - I love reading books set in the Restoration Court of Charles II, so I can't wait to read this one.

Sweet Son by Heidi Cullinan (won) - I won a copy of this as part of the recent Gay Writes Week over at Dear Author.

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly (purchased) - I have been a big fan of Jennifer Donnelly for a long time. I was going to get this from the library but I have heard such good things about it, I decided I couldn't wait!

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin (won) - I won a copy of this book from Lurv a la Mode. The contest was run after the news broke that the author had passed away.

Phew! I can't remember the last time I had that many books come into my house in one month!

Mailbox Monday was originally hosted at The Printed Page, but now it is going on tour so for November it is being hosted at Knitting and Sundries. Head over there to share your links, or to see what everyone else has posted about this week.


  1. Great Mailbox Monday - I love Jennifer Donnelly but I hadn't heard of Revolution. I'm also interested in "Glory Girl."

    I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of "The Countess and the King." Thanks Susan!

    Congrats on a nice TBR pile :)

  2. Incredible mailbox! Happy Reading!!

  3. Hi Marge,

    What a fantastic, eclectic selection of books.

    I like to drift from one genre of book to another, it makes reading much more interesting, doesn't it?

    I like the look of the Diana Gabaldon, look forward to the review.


  4. Wow - you had quite a month!! Your mailbox is beginning to look like mine :).

  5. Tons of great stuff this time around and so excited to see a Christopher Pike and Revolution in the mix!

  6. That's a first-rate mailbox, Marg! I'm glad your *real* copy of "The Countess & the King" arrived safely.

    Historical Fiction Notebook (whoever you may be!), you're welcome, too. :)

  7. Wow, what a list! My copy of Revolution just came in at the library, and I cannot wait to read it!

  8. Wow, nice load of books there! I'm really looking forward to The Queen of Last Hopes by Susan Higginbotham! I want to read her other books that I haven't read yet as well.

  9. I'm still waiting for my BD delivery and I have The Iron Duke in there too!! I'm also piqued by the graphic novel of Cross Stitch. So much good stuff! (Why have I no time to read and when I do I fall asleep?)

  10. Wow, what a month! I still haven't seen Glory Girl over here yet. The Exile looks great too. Happy reading all those!
    I have another BD order- Mad Men and Top Gear books. Light Christmas reading.

  11. You got lots of books this month too! I love the cover for Revolution. Enjoy!

  12. Glory Girl caught my eye, but it looks like you have a lot of good ones to choose from. Happy reading!

  13. Ooh, new Laura Lee Guhrke!! I love her Girl Bachelor series. She writes really well and her characters have great chemistry. I hope you enjoy them!

    So many new books Marg! I'd say you're as bad as me! Nice win too, congrats! :D

  14. Wow and wow! What a great bunch of books! I totally LOVE the cover of Glory Girl! and the cover of Kiss at Your Own Risk is steamy!! :) The Perfect Love Song looks like a great Christmas read and that prize pack you won is FABulous!! The Passionate Brood is on my wishlist! I could go on and on about your list, but I'll end with Revolution - EVERYone wants it! Lucky you! Enjoy the reads!

  15. Thanks Julie. It was a very good haul



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