Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Salon: Aussie Author Month wrap up

Last week I didn't post a Sunday Salon post because I was struggling to think of what to post and therefore I took a week off. This week, I have three posts running around in my head, but in the end it was an easy decision on which one to write about!

It is hard to believe that it is May already, and that Aussie Author Month is over, for this year at least.

Every year, one of my blogging goals is to read more Aussie authors, and Aussie Author Month has definitely helped me to work towards this goal. I might not necessarily have read them this month, but I have got several new authors that I am intending to read soon.

The other thing that happened this month is that I really discovered short stories, and these two things are linked, because I thought that short stories would be the best way to introduce myself to as many new authors as possible in a short period of time. I didn't post about as many of them as I would like, but definitely enjoyed reading them more than I expected to. I may get to post about some more of them eventually.

So here's a recap of my Aussie Author Month.

Guest posts from Tansy Rayner Roberts, Sara Foster and Elisabeth Storrs.

Recap of Australian Romance Reader's Convention Part 1 and Part 2.

Reviews: Relentless Adaptations by Tansy Rayner Roberts (short story), Ransom by David Malouf, the Carmine Island stories from Glitter Rose by Marianne de Pierres.

In addition to the authors mentioned above who were all new to me authors, I also read Sarah Mayberry, Heather Boyd, Stephanie Laurens (yes, I know, as a historical romance reader it is way past time that I have read her), Thoraiya Dyer, Sean Williams, Stephanie Campisi, Peter M Ball, Simon Brown, Margo Lanagan and Gabrielle Wang.

Just a couple of things to finish up!

The winners of the giveaway of two copies of The Wedding Shroud by Elisabeth Storrs are:

Maja and Bree

I have sent an email to each of you. Once I have your contact details I will forward those on to the publishers and get your prize on it's way to you!

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated in Aussie Author Month by posting, commenting, tweeting, donating to the Indigenous Literacy Project (it's not too late to donate to this excellent cause), posting on our Facebook page, and thank you to the other organisers for asking me to be part of it.

I look forward to Aussie Author Month being back, bigger and better, next year.


  1. A successful Aussie Author month, Marg ... with the added bonus of discovering a new-to-you-genre!

    Will you continue to read short fiction, or was it a means to an end to explore these writers?

  2. Thanks Marg for sponsoring the give away of The Wedding Shroud. I hope Bree and Maja enjoy reading it.

    Elisabeth Storrs

  3. I greatly enjoyed your posts during Aussie Author Month. I actually checked the nationality of the authors I've read this year (not something I normally pay a lot of attention to). I don't have any Aussie authors, but I had more variety than I thought I would have (as I expected English and US to be virtually the only nationalities).

    My Sunday Salon this week is about reading & catching up on series, here:

  4. Thanks Samantha. It is often interesting when you start actually looking at what you are reading closely.

    Thank you Elisabeth!

    Dawn, I definitely found it personally successfully!