Monday, September 03, 2012

Saturday ... erm... Sunday...erm... Monday Snapshot

Welcome to Saturday Sunday Monday Snapshot

I am pleased to say that I have managed to complete Photoaday for August. Some of the photos are less, say we say inspired, than others, but there are some others that I am really very pleased with.

Here are this week's photos, in the wrong order but never mind!

Fresh - straight off the tree

Card - my library card. You can see it is a bit worn around the edges.

Clock - so much more useful when it actually worked.

Down - although it is a bit of an optical illusion as it almost looks like I am going up.

Dream - as in drives like a dream. Have a mentioned that I recently got a new car?

Hidden - in plain sight. Bree and I looked for this Mali for ages. Turns out you can see it in the background of one of my other photos. Whoops!

Tap - I don't recommend close up photos of your tap as you can really see how dirty it is.

Here are the September prompts that I will be attempting to complete.


  1. It's too funny that that Mali was in the back of one of your other photos! I thought that one was amazing. I loved the knitted texture and marveled that it wasn't sodden and stinky despite being out in the elements. I was surprised that that one wasn't inside somewhere. Are you doing all 50? I got my 50th one yesterday!

    1. Well done to you for getting all 50! I think I am up to 35 or so, but I still need to go up to the gardens up near Spring Street! Not sure if I will get all 50 but we will see.

  2. I think it's a wonderful idea to photograph one's life; just a simple photo a day can give such an interesting "snapshot" of one's life. I'd like to do this in my classroom, on our class blog, if only there wasn't so much grading! Your escalator shot is my favorite, optical illusion or no.

    1. I have really enjoyed doing the photo a day thing and it would be a fun classroom task. I am kind of surprised I didn't miss any, and I am looking forward to participating again all through September.



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