Saturday, January 04, 2020

Weekend Cooking: Or Rather My Excuses for not Weekend Cooking

So last week I posted a recipe for gingerbread cookies which were totally  delicious. Wait.....not last week.... more than a year ago. How on earth has that happened?

It's not like I haven't had things to post about. In the last year I have continued my baking adventures, including making puff pastry for the first time, lots of cakes, biscuits and more. Probably not as much as in 2018 but to be fair, it was a busy year.

In 2019 I visited 5 countries, 4 Australian states, had 3 relationship statuses (with the same man), completed 3 renovation projects, changed jobs, my son came home from the US permanently, and those are just the highlights. I'm sure I could think of much more (for example, saw Keith Urban in concert 3 times including once in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry) but that seems enough for now!

So let me expand on a few of those!

Back in May my wonderful partner and I headed off to the US on holidays. There  were several reasons for doing so. Firstly, my son was graduating from junior college,  I was meeting up with some online friends in New Orleans and it was Robert's 50th birthday and he wanted to do a cruise so the best way to combine these things was to cruise the Caribbean starting from New Orleans.

Pre birthday celebration dinner whilst on the cruise

Authentic diner experience for the actual birthday

During the course of the cruise we stopped off in Honduras, Belize and Mexico. In Roatan (Honduras) we spent the day on a chocolate tour, so we got to see the whole process from the pod to hand grinding beans to eating the chocolate we made. It would have been a good day regardless, but that particular day started with us buying an engagement ring and with Robert proposing, and ended with a swim in the Caribbean! A great day all round.

We had actually started planning our wedding prior to heading to the US, and on 1 November we were married on a beach in Vanuatu. It was just the two of us and it was perfect. Our wedding dinner was a three course meal prepared by the resort chef. On our last night in the resort we also had the most amazing seafood platter. Later in November, we had a party at our house to celebrate with friends and family, bonus being that I got to wear the dress twice.

This year we already have more plans for holidays, for renovations and more, but I intend to only have one relationship status this year!

My intention it to be posting about both food and books this year. It will probably be hard to reestablish the blog to any real degree but let's see what happens shall we.

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  1. I loved following your magical year! Here's hoping 2020 is just as wonderful. All the best to you and your family.

  2. Your year looks beyond memorable! Have another great one (but only one relationship status)! Keep us linked on Beth's Weekend Cooking!

    best... mae at

  3. Delighted you are returning to blogging, and congrats on your marriage and all the happy events of the past year.

  4. Congratulations on your marriage--it sounds like a fabulous year! ;-)

    1. It was, and this year is going to be great too!

  5. Congratulations! And, best wishes for another delightful year. I hope you'll enjoy Singapore as much as we did. Fabulous food!

    1. I am very much looking forward to the whole trip!

  6. I just had to stop by here and say -- Congratulations on your wedding! :)

  7. Those look like some pretty amazing excuses not to be blogging. :) A belated congratulations to you and your husband.