Monday, April 13, 2020

This week....

I'm reading...

I'm reading a couple of books that are surprising to me in different ways. Both are by Australian authors, but that's not really surprising.

The first one I am reading is Talk of the Town by Rachael Johns. I have been a Rachael Johns fan for  long time now. Even when I wasn't really reading I would still read her books when they came out. She has a new book coming out shortly which is called Something to Talk About. At one point I saw mentioned that it was a sequel Talk of the Town and I was thinking that's nice. It was only when something else was said and I went....wait. Have I even read Talk of the Town? And it turned out that I hadn't. And that it isn't the only Rachael Johns book that I haven't read, although I could have sworn that I had read them all. So that's surprising.

The other book I am reading is Rosie's Travelling Tea Shop by Rebecca Raisin. I read a different Rebecca Raisin book earlier this year, and actually have a couple of quotes from that book coming up this week. She also has a new book coming out shortly called Aria's Travelling Book Shop which is partially set in France, so I am intending to read that because...well books and France.... but I thought I should read Rosie first as that it the book where we first meet Aria. Nothing surprising so far right? The surprise was that I had no idea that Rebecca Raisin was an Australian author until I read a recent review at Claire's Reads and Reviews and she mentioned it. Colour me surprised!!

And in not so surprising news I haven't made any progress on my audiobook this week.

I'm watching...

This week we watched the final of The Great British Bake Off. This is one of my favourite things to watch eat year. It's so much fun, so positive and so much delicious looking food! The only problem is that the season seems to go so quickly. It was only in early February that I was celebrating it's return.

My favourite in this year's group was Henry. He didn't win, but he was just so ....adorable. Probably isn't the most appropriate word but I loved watching him and was sad when he left the series.

Speaking of sad, I was sad to hear that Sandi is no longer going to be a co-host. Jury is out for me on her replacement, Matt Lucas. Having said that, when it was announced a few years ago that the previous hosts were no longer going to be hosting I was sure about Noel and Sandi, so I will as always give them Noel and Matt a go.

The other show with new hosts starting this week is Masterchef Australia. The new hosts have big shoes to fill as Masterchef enters a new era.  After all, it can't have been anywhere near as bad as the few episodes that we watched from the last season of MKR.

I do think that the producers of Masterchef have made some smart decisions given these changes. This year's contestants have all previously competed so the public already knows them, and the first week begins with guest judge Gordon Ramsay who is always popular.

We also watched the slow TV special on SBS this week which followed the journey from sugar and milk to easter eggs and bunnies, through all the different steps. More about that on Friday though.

My isolation viewing has continued unabated. This week we have watched Tim Minchin in Jesus Christ Superstar, another concert from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Ten Tenors concert, and Andrea Bocelli from Milan which were all so good.

We have also been watching the Crooner Sessions from Gary Barlow. In each one song episode he gets another artist to sing a song with him. So far the artists have varied from Ronan Keating to Brian May, Sir Cliff Richard to a young drummer,  Jason Donovan, Beverley Knight and so many more. They are so much fun!


Like so many others I guess we are getting the hang of this social isolation thing, which is lucky as our state premier has just announced that it will continue until May 11 at least.

The new office set up that we did last weekend is much better, which makes working from home easier.

We had dinner with a friend the other night. I know I should write virtual dinner but it's tricky because we actually ate real dinner, she was just on the other end of the computer, and then we had drinks on Saturday night. We have plans to catch up with some other people too, so yes, getting the hang of social isolation..

How are you all doing? Are you getting the hang of social isolation? Reading or watching anything interesting?

Posts from the last week

Review: The Lost Love Song by Minnie Darke

I've linked this post to It's Monday, what are you reading? as hosted by Book Date

And to finish I thought I would share the Crooner session featuring Gary Barlow and Sir Cliff Richard. Enjoy!


  1. I love The Great British Baking show, it’s so wholesome and uplifting, I’ve also binged on the US, Irish, Canadian and Australian versions.

    Ive learnt ?I have no problems being antisocial :)

    Wishing you a great reading week, good health and a Happy Easter 🐣

    1. We have watched NZ, UK and Australian versions of Bake Off. Will have to look for some of the other versions.

  2. The Raisin book sounds very nice.

    Your virtual dinner sounds nice too. the things we have to do now, right?

    Stay safe and be well!

  3. I enjoy Rachael Johns books too, I think I did read the first book. I haven't opted for the second book that is coming out - yet!!

    1. I will definitely be looking for the second book....eventually!

  4. Both authors are new to me so I enjoyed the post on the books.
    We are on strict curfew with no date given for when it is going to be lifted.

    1. We will see whether our date ends up getting extended again Mystica.

  5. Rosie's Traveling Tea Shop looks like fun. It's great to lose ourselves in our books and TV shows during these weird times.

    Enjoy your reading, and stay safe. Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

    1. It definitely helps to be able to get distracted by books and TV Laurel-Rain

  6. I've only caught a few episodes of the Bake-Off but enjoyed them. I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks while staying home. Our stay at home order has been extended until May 4 but I wouldn't be surprised if it was extended again. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. I think my audiobook is just not the right one to listen to right now Kathy.

  7. Your two current reads both sound good. I love the cover for Rosie's Traveling Tea Shop. My daughter loves those baking and cooking shows. I have a feeling she's going to be a good cook when she gets older and I give her more free rein in the kitchen. I hope so anyway.

    I broke down and signed my daughter up for Facebook messenger for kids so my daughter could talk more easily with some of her friends. She's loving it and it's good to see her being able to interact with them again. My husband and I aren't very social anyway, and so we aren't too bothered by it. I'm still working out of the home a couple days a week, and so it isn't total isolation for me anyway.

    I hope you have a good week, Marg. Stay safe and well.

    1. My son loved cooking when he was 12 or 13. Now, not so much although we do ask him to cook dinner once a week!

  8. Until May 11 at least? Yikes. I don't know if we can last that long! We're actually doing fine, just bored. We mostly roll our eyes and laugh about this virus, but an extended family member of ours just died of it after several weeks on a ventilator, so that was sobering. People are still dying out there. I have to remember that :(

    1. Sorry to hear that Susan. It makes me want to hug my loved ones



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