Saturday, May 16, 2020

Welcome to Weekend Cooking

Weekend Cooking was started at Beth Fish Reads back in October 2009. For more than 10 years like minded bloggers shared their posts each week. I began contributing in May 2010.

Now, I have taken over the reins and I am excited to invite you to share your reviews of cookbooks, food writing, foodie novels, and movies that make you hungry.

Weekend Cooking is a chance to share the food love. On Saturday mornings, I'll publish my post -- perhaps a cookbook review or maybe just some favourite food-related quotes.

At any time during the weekend, if you care to share a similar post, please come on back and hook up with Mr. Linky, so we can read what you have to say. I hope you'll join in when your weekend (or recent) reading or movie watching fits in with the theme. Remember, the definition of Weekend Cooking is free and easy, if you think your post even remotely fits the theme, grab the button and sign in to Mr. Linky.

Thanks to Melynda from Scratch Made Foods for the button below

Former Weekend Cooking buttons


  1. That is a gorgeous logo, that's brilliant, Melynda!

  2. i love all the logos! I will try to do an appropriate post one of these days on my blog and link it here.

  3. This makes me smile and I love your logo/button!