Thursday, October 28, 2021

Music A to Z: V


Welcome to this week's edition of my Music A to Z feature. Each week on Thursday, I am going to share a song where either the song or the artist name begins with the letter for that week. This week, the letter is....


Well, this is a first, at least since I started this feature. When I first decided I was going to do this, I set up all the draft posts and when I thought of something I would make a note in the draft. This week is the first time when I opened the draft and there was nothing there!! Luckily during the week I thought of a couple of songs

Venus by Bananarama - A few years ago now I bought some cheap (comparitively anyway) last minute tickets to a concert featuring Bananarama, Wang Chung and Chantoozies. I thought it would be a bit of fun, but it was so much fun, reliving the 80s.

Vogue by Madonna - Ah Madonna. I love her old stuff, which for me is anything prior to this song. I can only think of one song since then that I really liked.

Do you have any V songs? Share them in the comments.

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