Saturday, June 26, 2021

Weekend Cooking: What I Baked in June


It's the last Saturday of the month and that means it is time to share what I have baked during the month of June.

Jelly Slice -My brother in law's mother makes the best version of this. For many years it was always part of our Christmas treats but this is the first time I have actually tried to make it. One of her tips is to make it in the container that you want to serve it in, rather than make it in another tray and then have to move it around. When I make it again I will put more of the filling and the jelly to get the proportions better as my container was a little bigger than the recipe suggested. I have previously shared a similar recipe here.

Orange and cardamon cookies - This was a recipe from our local store magazine and I would definitely make them again as they were very tasty.

I did have an interesting conversation with my husband this month. We bought some portuguese tarts from Costco which were very tasty and Robert, my husband,  said to me "you should make some of these", and he was genuinely shocked when I said that I had made them at least twice. This led to a process of going through some blog posts and saying do you remember me making this or that and the answer to a lot of those was no, which is either good news for me or not. It does mean that I can remake a lot of things and present it as new but that would also mean not trying anything new!

Weekly Meals


Sunday - Easy Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Monday - Mac and Cheese

Tuesday - Spiced Chicken and Naan

Wednesday - Indian Spiced Lamb Keema

Thursday - Pork Vindaloo Curry

Friday - Takeaway

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  1. You manage to bake a lot — amazing anyway that it’s forgotten so quickly.

    Best… mae at

  2. LOVE Portuguese tarts! We have such a large Portuguese community so there are many bakeries to get them. I have never made them.
    Husbands! I have had to use my blog to remind my husband of various things he says we didn't do or have.

  3. I hope this comment comes through! I tried twice on my phone and it didn't publish.

    Never had the jelly slice but I'd like to try it. We often find older recipes on my blog that we have forgotten about too. It's nice to relive them,

    1. I do like looking through the archives of my blog to see reviews and posts that I have forgotten about Tina!

  4. Sometimes I have to review the blog to remember that I made something! Yikes, we do get so busy. The jelly slice looks right up my alley for this summer, thanks!

    1. It is a delicious treat for a celebration Melynda

  5. orange and cardamom sounds like a great flavour combo!

  6. Your goodies look delicious!

    My husband and I were just planning out our dinners for the week. He's the cook and I most definitely am not. He asked "Which lentil recipe that I've made before do you prefer?" I looked back blankly. "You've made more than one?" He feels your pain! 😂

  7. I love the sound of those cardamon cookies. Way too funny about Robert!