Saturday, December 18, 2021

Weekend Cooking: Baking Kit Crazy

I had such good intentions this year. I really did. I was going to do so many things. And yet, here we are, the weekend before Christmas and I suddenly realise that I am not going to get many of those things done. Specifically, I am not going to get all any of the baking kits I have bought done. And I have several here to do.

If you recall, I do have a past tendency towards baking kits. I still miss Bake It Box and that finished two years ago. We won't mention the one kit that I still have sitting in the cupboard! I said we won't mention it!

So what kits do I have now that I am not going to make before Christmas?

The first one I bought was a pavlova kit from a restaurant called Mabu Mabu. The chef for this place was on Masterchef a while ago. When I saw that they have a few kits available so I bought one straight away, but now I just have to find time to make it.

Then I bought two kits from a company called Miss Biscuit. I could have gone crazy on their Christmas kits so it probably is a good thing that I didn't given that I can't even find time to make the two that I did buy. The good and bad thing about this kit, compared to the ones that I used to buy, is that these kits mainly consist of the equipment that you need to make the bisucits rather than the actual ingredients so most of it can probably last until next year. The bad thing is that it doesn't contain the ingredients  you need to make the biscuits to decorate.


he final one I bought recently was a Persian Love Cake kit. I do have a fair idea of when I might make this (thinking mid January) but we will see. This kit even includes the rose petals for the decorations which is not something I would usually use if I was going to find a recipe and then make the cake.

Do you like buyiing these kinds of kits? And, more importantly, do you actually make them?

Also, apologies for having the Mr Linky up late this week!

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  1. I'm always envious of your kits. I really need to look into what's available in the US. They look like fun and you get to learn something too.

    My post this week is about a cocktail book.

    1. I imagine that you would be able to find them in the US BFR!

  2. The baking kits look like so much fun! It's good to set goals but sometimes we can't get to everything.

    1. Especially when life in general is so hectic!

  3. I never knew about baking kits, but what a great way to learn a new process in the kitchen.

    1. It is a fun way to learn new techniques Melynda!

  4. Don’t beat yourself up as we all make plans that seem to slip away. I know I had planned to learn crochet and become quite adept at that language making cool creative things this year. Nope.

    I have not heard of baking kits like this before. They’d make a nice present!

  5. i've never seen kits like this nor heard of them. how interesting.

    1. There are lots of different types available Sherry..

  6. I haven't seen kits like this except to make gingerbread houses for Christmas but I would certainly be interested. I'd like to try pavlova!