Sunday, May 08, 2022

Six Degrees of Separation: The True History of the Kelly Gang to The Goldminer's Sister



Welcome to this month's edition of Six Degrees of Separation, which is a monthly meme hosted by Kate from Books Are My Favourite and Best.  The idea is to start with a specific book and make a series of links from one book to the next using whatever link you can find and see where you end up after six links.  I am also linking this post up with The Sunday Salon, hosted by Deb at Readerbuzz. 

The starting point for this month is The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey

The Codebreakers by Alli Sinclair - My first choice based on a true story that didn't come to light until the early 2000s. This book tells the story of the women who worked out of a garage in suburban Brisbane breaking codes.

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn - Another book based on the hidden history of codebreakers, this time based in Bletchley Park in the UK.

The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn - Myconnection is really that this another Kate Quinn novel, but it doesn't hurt that this book features  a femail pilot which links it back to The Codebreakers too.

Black Diamonds by Kim Kelly - Speaking of diamonds.....

The Diamond Hunter by Fiona McIntosh- and sticking with the diamond theme

The Goldminer's Sister by Alison Stuart - My final selection moves away from diamonds towards gold. Another name for someone who hunts for diamonds and gold is a miner.

So there we have six choices that  are all historical fiction which often gives us a fictionalised version of history.

The starting poing for next month is Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason.


  1. What a good chain! I hope I can find
    The Codebreakers by Alli Sinclair --it sounds really good.

    1. Its an Australian novel so hopefully you can find it!

  2. Interesting chain. I'm not sure how I'd do with something like that. I feel like I'd have many of the same titles month after month.

    1. It's a fun exercise Mark! I think I probably double up quite regularly, but you can twist in so many ways to make the chain different every month!

  3. Yes, you did get some Kate Quinn in here! That Codebreakers sounds interesting. Thanks.

  4. Great chain. I loved The Rose Code and am reading The Diamond Eye now.

    1. The Rose Code was one of my faves from last year. Still need to read Diamond Eye!



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