Saturday, July 23, 2022

Weekend Cooking: Lamington Trifle

Hot on the heels of World Ice Cream Day last week, this week I bring you National Lamington Day which was on July 21. 

I have posted before about Lamingtons a couple of times, but I will give you a brief explanation. A traditional lamington is a sponge cake, which is dipped in chocolate ganache or sauce and then rolled in coconut. There are several different versions, including raspberry flavoured lamingtons, or you can fill them with jam or cream or both. 

Today, I am sharing the steps to make a lamington trifle.

 As soon as I saw this trifle mentioned on the Queen website, I knew that I was going to try to make it. It is a bit fiddly, a bit challenging in some ways, but there are definitely hacks that you could make to make it easier. I thought I would share the step by step build up of the trifle. 

Strawberry jam layer topped with lamington sponge 

topped with vanilla bean custard then a strawberry coulis

Then another lamington sponge and topped with cream, lamington truffles and fresh strawberries. The truffles are made by combining the left over sauce with the leftover coconut, such a clever idea!

I am cheating a little bit posting this today as I actually made this a few months ago but it has given me pleasure to see all the images again, and it has reminded me that I could make this when entertaining!

The recipe for this can be found on the Queen website.

 Here are my previous posts about Lamingtons 


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  1. What a delicious looking dessert and such a pretty presentation too.

  2. As you say, that looks like a ton of work to make all those different layers. I've heard of lamington cakes but never seen one. I don't think the dish has traveled to America.

    best... mae at

  3. Wow! That looks fabulous. I added my link but it's not showing up for some reason ... here is again

  4. I made Lambingtons years ago, I think before I was blogging. I was on an Australian kick of reading all sorts of books about your country & trying different foods. The assembly line for rolling the coconut was a mess on the counter but it was fun! Love your beautiful dessert!

    1. It’s Tina @ Squirrel Head Manor blog. I forgot it comes up as anonymous if I comment using my phone :-(

    2. It is definitely a messy process!

  5. Looks delicious! A good lamington is a good thing :)

    1. A good lamington is delicious! Unfortunately they are not all good!