Saturday, December 17, 2022

Weekend Cooking: Stanley's Tucci's Christmas Cocktail

Earlier this year I became totally obsessed with all things Stanley Tucci. I watched the movie Big Night, listened to and loved his book Taste, watched the first series of his TV series Searching for Italy twice and more! 

I still need to watch the second series of Searching for Italy and I am already looking forward to the next series he is going to be working on which is apparently about British food. Just call me a Tucci fangirl!

When I was thinking about what to post this week I thought it might be time to revisit some Stanley Tucci and bring you a Christmas cocktail recipe from his book.

A Christmas Cocktail

Here is my (as in Stanley Tucci's) holiday version of a Cosmopolitan

Serves 1

1 tablespoon pomegranate seeds

50ml Ketel On vodka

25ml Cointreau

25ml cranberry joice (either unsweetened or cranberry juice cocktail. Your preference)

25ml pomegranate juice


1 raspberry, 1 mint leaf and fresh rosemary, to garnish

Put the pomegranate seeds into a shaker and muddle until muddled

Add the booze

Add the juices

Add the ice

Shake it

Strain into a coupe or a Martini glass

Garnish with a raspberry wrapped in a mint leaf and skewered with a small stalk of rosemary.

Today, I just happened to looking at Youtube and I found this so it would be rude not to share it!!

 For us this year it is going to be more likely to be mulled wine rather than cocktails. Do you have a favourite Christmas cocktail?

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  1. Taste was such a wonderful book - I ought to buy it as I've had it out of the library twice already. Love the video.

    1. I need to buy it in print too. I have it in audio which is such a great way to read it, but I did also borrow it from the library to read the recipes.

  2. You just gave me my Christmas cocktail recipe- Happy Holidays!