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Weekend Cooking: What I Baked (In My Kitchen) in December

The first Saturday of the month is when I share all the things that I baked in the previous month, which is great when you have been baking but this month I only made one thing, and it is likely that I will only be making one thing in December too!

Last week I posted about making florentines and that is the only baking I did this month. I have bought the ingredients to make another cake but ended up not making it (actually that has happened twice now), and I did offer to make another cake when my husband's team came over but that didn't happen either.

I posted about making these florentines last week

Which means that either this is a very short post or I come up with something else to post about. 

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, do you ever do advent calendars? Last year I bought a famous skincare one. I love the products that I did use, but the reality is that I only just opened the last of the windows a couple of weeks ago.

This year I have been on a bit of tea journey. I was given some teas for Christmas last year, and so this year I have been exploring some differnet flavours. I therefore decided to buy the T2 advent calendar. I already know that there is going to be an issue with the opening of the windows because we go on holidays a week before Christmas and I am not taking this advent calendar with me!

It actually opens out again so in the end it is about a metre wide when it is fully open, so not ideal for opening on the plane! Of course, I can take just the teabags on the plane with me, but that's not really the point right?

The good thing about mixed collections such as this is that you get to try flavours that you wouldn't normally try. The bad thing is that sometimes it means that you try things that you don't particularly like.

I tend to only have one cup of tea a day but I am discovering that there are some flavours that don't work as your first cup of the tea of the day. For example, yesterday the flavour that I got was Packs a Peach, which was delicious but I am thinking that on days with these fruity flavours maybe I have a morning tea and then have this later in the day.

Today, when I opened the calendar window, I got a China Jasmine flavour which I enjoyed.

During the year, I have also been making tea out of these other collections as well. The yellow tin below is a collection of different breakfast teas, which has options called New York Breakfast, Melbourne Breakfast, Adelaide, Scottish, Singapore, Irish and more. My favourite is New York Breakfast, which is "A pancake-inspired tea made with full-bodied black tea, maple syrup flavours and cinnamon."

In the purple tin there is currently some Madagascan Vanilla loose leaf tea. I also have an Easter special collection which I have barely touched and more.

We have also bought multiple mugs. They have these lovely generous mugs that are great for my coffee addicted husband!

Even just looking on the website today I have found some new things I might want to buy, but I am thinking I should probably finish some of the ones I already have.

Are you doing any advent calendars this year?

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  1. I almost got myself a tea advent this year. I drink coffee in the morning, but in the colder months, I like a cup of tea in the afternoon. My favorites are breakfast teas. I've never had New York breakfast. I might have to see if I can get that yellow tin collection in the US.

    1. I know that T2 operates in the US but not sure if they have the same flavours etc BFR!

  2. You just reminded me that I should go through my tea basket.
    Just before one of the pandemic lockdowns I had seen a fabulous collection of teas in a store and thought I will come back for that. Well, we got locked down and I never found it again.

  3. That tea advent would have made a marvelous gift for a friend of mine, she loves tea. I brought you soup and bread today.

    1. It is a great gift idea. My boss gave me a tea assortment for Christmas last year which is really what started me on the tea journey Tina..

  4. I really enjoyed this post. When I was young I saw advent calendars at my friend's homes. I am intrigued to know that there are tea advent calendars. I just looked at them on Amazon. How fun.

    1. They are funn! I am definitely itending to keep trying different ideas going forward Judee.

  5. a pancake-inspired tea? how fascinating. I don't actually drink tea but there are some interesting flavours around for sure. Hope to see your link on the IMK post, Marg! cheers

    1. Ooops. Forgot to add my link. On it now..

  6. If you enjoy iced tea, I sincerely recommend having Packs A Peach iced! it is SO good....some of the berry and fruity ones are much better iced IMO.

    I get it though. Has to be a strong black tea for my first cup of the day!

    1. I had some kind of chai one this morning. It was really good!



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