Monday, February 27, 2023

This week...

I'm reading

I really struggle at times deciding what to read next. I finished The Kitchen Front and found myself scrolling through various collections on my Kindle, and then contemplating my pile of library loans trying to decide what to read now.

The end result is that sometimes you just can't make a choice so I have read a chapter of Madame Pommery, Creator of Brut Champagne by Rebecca Rosenberg and a couple of chapters of My Father's House by Joseph O'Connor. At least they are two very different books so I won't get the two of them mixed up. And one of them I can easily read in the middle of the night! The other - not so much!

I'm watching

We started watching a British mockumentary called Cunk on Earth. It takes all the very earnest and serious traits of history and nature documentaries and has a lot of fun with it. And now I have an almost irrestible urge to listen to Pump Up Your Jam by Technotronic!

I mentioned a while ago that I am hoping to go to see at least one film from the international film festivals this year. The titles for the upcoming French film festival have now been released and there are so many that look amazing. I am not sure how I am going to fit in seeing all the ones I want to see. We did go and see a film called The Innocent last week and thoroughly enjoyed it! 


It's been a big music week this week for us. On Thursday night we went to see Scottish band Del Amitri perform, and it was so good! One album in particular is a go to album to listen to now, even more than 30 years after its release. They put on such a good show!

And then, speaking of good shows, we saw Sting perform on Saturday. I would have called myself relatively interested in Sting's music before that, but now I am definitely a fan. I have already said if he comes back I will definitely be going to see him live again. 

We have one more live music gig this week and then a bit of a break!

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  1. I was also indecisive this week and am therefore reading two different books. Your concerts sound amazing. Come see my week . Happy reading!">here. Happy reading!

    1. Glad I am no the only indecisive one Kathy!

  2. That scottish band sounds fun!

    1. It was lots of fun! I will be posting more about it on Thursday!

  3. The concert sounds like a lot of fun. Sometimes I can't decide what to read next, too. Hope you are having a great week!

  4. I've been having a hard time picking and sticking with a book too. I'm blaming it on the weather. Glad you enjoyed your concerts.



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