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Weekend Cooking: What We Ate On Holidays Part 3

We've been back from holidays for a couple of weeks now, so we are well and truly back into work mode. Good  job we have a holiday coming up soon!! However, I still have a few, well a lot, of things to talk about so this week I am going to talk about more of the food we had while  we were away.

So far, I have talked about the first couple of weeks (here and here), our New Year's Eve dinner, dinner at the Eiffel Tower and the street food walking tour we did in Naples.

After leaving Bayeux we headed to the Loire Valley where we stayed in a small chateaux in the town of Mer which is not far from Bloise. There we had two days of the most amazing breakfasts. Everything was local including these delicious cheeses. The host made us delicious treats every day. I would totally recommend them for the breakfast alone, but they were also super friendly and helpful and the room was lovely!

It was also quite close to the chateau at Chambord. When we went there we saw an amazing treat called a Coffee Gourmand. It was 3 small cakes/patisserie items to eat with your coffee or hot chocolate. However, the line was so long that we thought we would head to the next chateau at Chennoceaux and hope they had something similar, They did not. What I did have there was this super cute chocolate mousse house set into a pool of raspberry sauce. Yum!

I am going to skip over Paris, because I have a couple of posts in mind for Paris in July, other than to mention the dinner we had on the last night. We did a foodie walking tour in Paris and at one point the guide mentioned about having authentic couscous because of the French connection to Northern African countries. One of my favourite meals is couscous with ratatouille. And so the seed was planted to have some couscous before we moved on to Italy. Luckily there was a couscouserie right next door to the hotel!! I didn't even know such a thing existed before this!

And so to Italy. We did have some lovely meals in Italy, but we also had some just okay one. Sometimes that comes down to the choices we make  - choose  a different restaurant or a different menu item and you have very different experience! And yet some of the tastiest meals we had were very simple. For example, while on the train from the airport into Rome we had a foccacia filled with mortadella which was so good. We had that for lunch a couple of other times too

One thing we did enjoy a lot is the Italian breakfast cornetto. It looks like a croissant but iit has different textures and is usually filled with thick sweetened cream. There can be different flavours. I had one with a pistacchio cream in Alborebello that was absolutely delicious. This one was consumed sitting in a piazza in Naples on a lovely sunny morning.

In my post about the walking tour of Naples, I mentioned I was a bit surprised when the sfogliatelle was with soft pastry rather than the usual crispy pastry. I did still manage to have a couple of these at least

From Naples we drove along the Amalfi coast, and then headed to Puglia. We went via a city called Lecce. There was barely anything open in the town, but we did find a pizza place. The interesting thing is that they charged for the pizza by weight. You tell them how big a slice you want and you pay accordingly. And the pizza was great!

We did have some good pasta too! This was consumed whilst sitting outside on a piazza near our hotel in Rome. Note the vegetables! By this time in the trip I was absolutely craving vegetables!

One thing that we knew that we wanted to try while we were in Rome was their cream filled breakfast bun. You might recall my husband LOVES cream. We ended up having it with our lunch sitting down at a cafe across the road from the Circus Maximus

On the way home we spent a couple of days in Singapore. Completely different experience from Europe in terms of architecture, weather and food! Whilst there I discovered that I love Char Kway Teow noodles. We walked through the markets in the Chinese part of town and because it was very close to Chinese New Year there were lots of interesting things to look at. We tried to get into a restaurant nearr the hotel to try Chilli Crab, but couldn't get in unfortunately.

For dinner on one of the nights, we went to our third Michelin star restaurant of the trip. This one is famous for being the cheapest Michelin star restaurant. To be honest, I don't really get the hype!

We will go back to Singapore at some point. It's an eight hour flight for us but more importantly it is not a big difference in time zones. Oh, who am I kidding. I am already thinking about when we can go back to Europe despite the length of the flights or the time zones!

Weekly meals

Saturday - Steak, egg, chips and broccolini
Sunday -  Out for dinner
Monday - Zucchini and eggplant lasagne
Tuesday - Chicken teriyaki noodles stir fry
Wednesday - Pork Nachos
Thursday - Burgers
Friday - Takeaway Friday

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  1. What an incredible European vacation you had!! We are planning France, Italy, and Spain in May. Your chocolate with little houses in raspberry sauce looks amazing and the rest of the food looks pretty incredible too.

  2. Everything looks so good! That was some great trip. Loving the Italian fare especially.

    1. Watch out for some Italian themed posts soon!

  3. All of your travel blog posts have been very enjoyable. Love the different food experiences you have shared, thanks!



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