Monday, April 03, 2023

This Week...

 I'm reading

This week I started reading The Lost Palace by Alexandra Walsh. So far it is really interesting. Lots of ancient mythology mixed with a dual timeline. I need to finish this soon as I have to publish a review next week.

I started and finished listening to Sweet Talk by Cara Bastone this week. There was an element of pressure to that because of have had it in my library for ages, but noticed that Audible had said that they were removing it from their free offerings by 31 March. The odd thing about that is that this is book 2 in a series but book 1 and book 3 are currently still available. It doesn't make a lot of sense! I did enjoy listening to this book and I do intend to go back and read the others at some point.

I then started listening to Diddly Squat by Jeremy Clarkson. This is actually a selection of his newspaper columns that have been collated and published.  I am listening to it in the car with my husband, so even though it is only a couple of hours long it will still take a little while to get through. We've never actually done this before so it's nice.

Because we are listening to Diddly Squat together that meant that I needed to choose another book to listen to when I am in the car. I have a lot of books that I want to listen to, but they are all quite long and I am not sure I can commit to them right now. I ended up choosing to listen to a non fiction book called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat. I am not sure if it is an actual cookbook. So far, it's more a book that talks about food rather than a cookbook. We will see what happens. 

I'm watching

We watched the first few episodes of season 3 of The Mandalorian over the weekend. We also watched one episode of Last Days of Pompeii which is a really interesting history show which counts down the last couple of days before the volcano destroyed the town of Pompeii. Given that we were in Pompeii not that long ago it is interesting to hear what the experts have to say.

We also watch the first couple of episodes of Bake Off: The Professionals. I think this series originally aired in the UK last year (maybe?). We do enjoy watching this show so we will stick with this for a while. We are also still watching Great Canadian Bake Off. Do you ever get the idea we watch a lot of baking shows? We really do!

I also watched the first episode of The Great Cookbook Challenge. The idea is that the contestants come in and pitch their idea to some judges, including a cookbook publisher and the best idea wins a publishing deal. That's an oversimplification but I liked it enough to keep watching


Last week was a pretty quiet week all round.

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  1. I've been doing so much rereading of a favorite series that my blog is suffering. However, I'm loving the reread. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. If the reread is what makes you happy then do it!

  2. I love baking shows too! I haven't watched Bake Off: The Professionals yet. It on my list of things to do.

    1. We love it! Cherish, one of the judges, makes us laugh!

  3. That's quite an assortment of books.

  4. The Great Cookbook Challenge sounds kind of fun! We don't subscribe to much in the way of cable, so it may not be available to us. I haven't read Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, but I didn't think it was really a cookbook. I have hardly been doing any cooking! Just preparing meals, which doesn't seem the same at all.

    1. I am not sure what it is yet! We will see.



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