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Weekend Cooking: What We Ate on Holidays - WA Edition

This year seems to be a year where we are crossing things off of our must do list. Earlier this year we were in France and Singapore and then we went to New Zealand for sailing. This week we are in Perth visiting family for the first time since 2019 but earlier this week we went to Broome which is a place I have always wanted to visit.

What a place! Broome basically has two seasons. The wet and the dry. We were there at the crossover of seasons but fortunately it was hot but not too humid and the nights are very balmy - perfect for sitting outside and watching the sun go down.

The colours of Broome are beautiful - red dirt, blue skies, blue water, white sandy beaches and the dull green of the bush

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and our first night we headed to famous Cable Beach for dinner and sunset views. We had the surf and turf special. I would have liked more surf but the turf was some of the best steak I gave eaten in years. It was so tender.

The next day was one of those days that we will never forget. We took a tiny plane up to a pearl farm landing on a dirt strip, and then flew out over Horizontal Falls over the amazing countryside and then back to Broome. 

At the pearl farm we were provided a lunch of locally caught barramundi rice and salad. We also did a tour of the farm where they explained that they use every part of the oyster for various things. One of the three parts of the oyster is the pearl meat which we got to taste. I'm not sure everyone on the tour tasted it but we did. It had quite a chewy texture and looked a little bit like scallops

We got to see two posters opened. The first didn't have a pearl in it although it did gave a pee bug in it which is a creature that has a symbiotic relationship with an oyster. The second shell had a keshi pearl in it.

When we got back to town we headed straight back to another beachside bar for another sunset dinner. This time we had a seafood platter

The next day we spent wandering around town, visiting the museum, having lunch (prawn croquettes) at Matsos Which is a famous bar and brewery in town. They make various flavours of beer including alcoholic ginger beer, mango beer, chilli flavoured beer and then various combinations of those flavours

Tuesday was Anzac Day so not much was open in the main part of town. Originally our plan was to end up in rows for dinner but instead we ended up back at the beach where I had a delicious prawn pasta.

The other thing that got eaten in Broome was me! I am covered in bites but I talked to a pharmacist yesterday who suggested that it could be a heat rash or reaction given that there are so many of them.

Our final morning in Broome we went on an organised tour around town and then headed to the airport to fly to Perth

Whenever I come to Perth there is one thing I have to have and that is Spearmint Milk. You can't get it anywhere else I the country so I overdose on it while I am here

I always like to go to Kings Park while I am here so we went for a stroll through the park on Wednesday, taking in the amazing views.

Another place I like to go whenever I come to visit is Fremantle. This is the port for Perth and it has a lot of history. We visited the maritime museum, had yet more seafood in the form of fish and chips and then went to the shipwreck museum. Visiting the remains of the Batavia in the Shipwreck Museum is something I like to do everytime we come to Perth as it reminds me of a primary school excursion we went on before we moved to Adelaide. This time was even more relevant as we had visited the full size replica of the Batavia when we were in the Netherlands 

The rest of or time here is about spending time with family. My aunties have been giving me recipes that come from my grandmother including this one in her handwriting 

I do have a weekend on Adelaide coming up in may but other than that I think that is the last of our holidays for a while although we will be crossing another item off of our must do list when we head to the US later in the year

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  1. Such an interesting experience with the small plane and the pearl farm! Thanks for sharing the pics

  2. My Link :

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to leave a link here.

    1. Cheesecake is my favourite! Thanks for sharing your link with us!

  4. I love all your travels! You have a adventurous spirit, especially to trying of unique foods, more so than I.

    1. I am trying to be adventurous Melynda!

    2. I am trying to be adventurous Melynda!

  5. Red Onion Chicken!

  6. I would also love to add this one.

  7. You have been busy knocking stuff off your bucket list! We need to get on that. Great food porn.

    1. One more big one to cross off this year Jackie!

  8. What an amzing trip. I love that you have a handwritten recipe in your grandmother's writing. That would be so dear to me. Fabulous food. I love "going along" on your trips!!

    1. I only have a photo of the recipe but I am definitely glad to have it. It gave me a bit of a jolt to see it!



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