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Weekend Cooking/Paris in July: A lunch in Paris

This time six months ago we were in Paris, having spent Christmas in the Netherlands, some time travelling around Northern France, and then we were heading off to Southern Italy and Singapore. I have already shared about a couple of the memorable meals that we had while on our trip, including a fabulous New Year's Eve dinner at Mont St Michel and dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower. I didn't post about all of them as I wanted to save those for this Paris in July event, so I will have a couple more over the next couple of weeks.

Did you know that you can eat at Michelin star restaurants in Paris for really quite reasonable prices by eating set menus at lunch time. I found out by following an author who visited Paris and had a few of these lunches.  The idea is not dissimilar to the tourist menus that you see everywhere in France. You have a couple of options for starters, lunch and dessert and you can choose if you want two courses or three for a set price. 

As soon as I heard about it, I definitely knew I was interested but I wasn't quite sure how we were going to find a Michelin star restaurant. I am sure that there must be an app or something. In the end I needn't have worried. It turns out that you just walk out of your hotel, cross the road and voila! There was one directly across the road from our hotel. We did have to sit at the bar because they didn't have any tables left but I was still very happy with that.

So, here are some pictures from our lunch at Le Sergent Recruteur on Ile St Louis. All up it cost us 49€ each plus wine. I am not suggesting it is a cheap lunch that you would do every day but as a once off on a trip to Paris, we loved it. It's definitely more affordable than doing a three course meal for dinner! We  also didn't need a big dinner so it works itself out really.

In Australia, you tend to get one serving of bread and that's it, whereas this delicious bread just kept on coming. And the salted good.

We did have an amuse bouche but I can't remember what it was and I didn't take a clear photo of it. I think it was a kind of crab dip with some bread! 

For my starter I had the Leek cooked slowly over a flame, smoked eel, mussel, mimosa vinaigrette, with citrus fruits, honey and ginger.

My husband had Royal of duck foie gras, daikon radish and mushroom in a watercress cream as his starter

We both had Pearly haddock with sea fennel steam, sweet onion pissaladiere, light mousseline of charlotte potatoes

Dessert of the day was a totally delicious peanut tart. I am not normally a fan of peanuts but this was so good! 

And our final little tempting treat were these mini chocolate tarts.

As I was putting this post together, my husband and I were talking about this lunch and we both agreed that next time we go to Paris we will definitely do this kind of Michelin star restaurant lunch again.

I am sharing this post as part of Weekend Cooking, but also as part of Paris in July, hosted at Words and Peace.

Weekly meals

Saturday -  Roast pork, baby potatoes with soy glaze, broccoli
Sunday -  Chicken curry and rice
Monday -  Steak, baby potatoes, beans
Tuesday - Zucchini Risotto
Wednesday - Pressure cooker spag bol
Thursday - Kimchi fried rice
Friday - Ravioli

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  1. Your trips are always filled with great tips and fabulous food. I am hoping once settled after this next move to apply fir a passport and plan a trip to England.

  2. Sorry, for a passport. Small phone keyboard and big fingers!

  3. Wow! New Year's Eve dinner at Mont St. Michel. Have to look up that post. I was there after college and loved the views.

  4. Nothing sends me directly to Paris like a post about a meal in Paris. And what a meal you had. I think that is a reasonable price for a fantastic meal.

    1. If all goes to plan there will be another one before the end of the month too

  5. Thanks for the tip about the set price at lunch in Paris! We plan to go in the fall and I will be looking for restaurants! Your Paris post helps. Thanks for hosting Weekend Cooking!

  6. Yummy! Good to know, we too often associate these restaurants to big checks. And now I'm hungry!

    1. It's definitely a more affordable meal than you would think.

  7. I am glad that you mentioned this idea for dining in Michelin restaurants! We no longer get bread with restaurant meals, unless you want to pay, last time we had bread it was $12!!!

  8. What a delicious idea! And trip!!

    1. It was a great trip for sure Claudia!



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