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Weekend Cooking: What I Baked (In my Kitchen) in July

The first Saturday of the month is when I share all the things that I baked in the previous month and it was a pretty busy baking month. My husband had surgery last month so we were spending a bit of time at home so I had a bit of time to bake.

Last month I mentioned that I was going through a bit of a fixation on making sponge rolls. I started the month with making another honey sponge roll as we had a friend coming over for lunch. It didn't roll particularly well this time, but it was still delicious! 

I do also like trying different recipes. This month I tried a  Almond, Olive and Raspberry Loaf Cake from a cookbook called Honey: Recipes from a Beekeeper's Kitchen by Amy Newsome. I feel like this recipe title is missing a word as there are definitely no olives in it because I wouldn't cook it if there was. There is, however, olive oil in it! This was very tasty and I will make it again. There is another variation of the recipe which is Orange, Yoghurt and Cardamon so I might try that one too!

I have posted before about how much I love cheesecake. I was intending to post about this traditional  Corsican cheesecake recipe during Paris in July and in celebration of National Cheesecake Day which was on 30 July. It is a very, very simple recipe, only 4 ingredients, and you basically just mix it up and cook it. I will try and post about it soon when I have a gap in my planned posts!

I bought two new cookbooks this month. The first one is the one I mentioned above. I wasn't sure about buying it because I'm not the biggest honey fan, but it has been very interesting to learn about different flavours of honey, and there are several things I want to make.

The second book is the Rice Table cookbook which I had borrowed from the library last month but I decided to buy.

We also succumbed to the attractions of the middle isle of Aldi and purchased some new ramekins and also this cast iron tea pot which has the strainer inside. I have quite a few different types of loose tea leaves but I generally use bags so this is an opportunity to use some of the other flavours.

The final thing to share this month is pretty self explanatory - a cookbook stand!

I am sharing this post with the In My Kitchen event hosted by Sherry at Sherry's Pickings.

Weekly meals

Saturday -  Cottage pie
Sunday -  Roast chicken and gravy rolls
Monday - Bacon, zucchini and mushroom pasta
Tuesday - 
Wednesday - Chicken Parka
Thursday - Takeaway
Friday - Out for dinner

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  1. Nice looking cakes! I have been wishing for some cheesecake lately. Good to see what's in everyone's kitchen each month.
    best, mae at

    1. I am always happy to have cheesecake Mae!

  2. Your sponge cake looks delicious and I know how hard they are to get a perfect roll. It's funny I find I seldom buy a cookbook - I either look on Pinterest or make up my own.

    1. I have been getting them from the library Judee, but I have decided to start buying some more just because they are beautiful

  3. I will never cook with an olive either! It is top of my quite short list of things I won't eat.

  4. What a fun idea for a post topic, sharing what you’ve baked during the month. It would make for a good motivation to do some extra baking too :) Love the cookbook stand. Ha I set mine on the toaster to keep the recipe handy. Librariandoa

    1. Never thought of using the toaster! lol

  5. My mom used to make a sponge roll using strawberry cream. It was always a big hit. Love your cookbook stand.

  6. I think I missed the memo about liking cheesecake :) and honey. But I love olives! Your sponge roll looks wonderful. thanks for joining in.

  7. I am going to look at those tea pots here and see if ours also have strainers in them :)

  8. So many great sweet treats. I'm going to check out that Honey book.

  9. Gosh have not baked a sponge roll in an age, I've always loved them. Love the cast iron teapot and aways exciting exploring new cookbooks :)

  10. I tried making a sponge roll once and it just didn't look neat when it was rolled up! I admire your project :)

  11. I cannot believe I missed National Cheesecake Day! How good is the middle aisle at Aldi - love the teapot!



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