Saturday, December 02, 2023

Weekend Cooking: What I Baked (In My Kitchen) in November

The first Saturday of the month is when I share all the things that I baked in the previous month. There really a lot of baking done this month as I have been busy doing things like going to concerts and the like.

The first thing I did make was apple turnovers which I posted about last week. My husband did mention them again this week so I am sure that there is a chance that I might make them again.

The other thing that I made was not quite a success. I am half contemplating trying to make at least one recipe from each episode. I was aiming to make the Great British Bakeoff Chocolate Cake so bought a gigantic punnet of raspberries from Costco last week so I really needed to use them. 

Here's what I was aiming for:

And this is what I ended up with.

The recipe is a chocolate fudge cake covered in a chocolate ganache and then covered with raspberries. When I made the cake, it unfortunately collapsed in the middle so I decided to improvise. So the middle was filled with raspberries and cream to fill in the in the layers. The top is covered in cream and topped with raspberries.

Other than that I don't really have anything new in my kitchen. We do, however, have new creatures in our house. My husband's daughters have moved in for a few months, and one of them has a dog who has moved in too! This dog is beautiful but she is a bit of a terror. So far, she's eaten all the plants both inside and outside, toilet rolls, dug holes in the garden, eaten my son's X Box controller (by far the biggest issue lol) spread mud throughout the house on more than one occasion. Lucky she is cute!

Of course it is inevitable with all the toys in the house they will both always want the same one.

As it is getting to the end of the year, I am starting to contemplate what my blogging might look next year, so I have been thinking about Weekend Cooking. I love posting something foodie every week, whether it be book reviews, recipes, movie chat or whatever, and I already have a number of posts lined up for next year.  I also really enjoy hosting Weekend Cooking but I thought I would ask what other people might like to see out of Weekend Cooking. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them. Otherwise, if people are happy for things to continue as they are that's cool too! If you want to email me rather than commenting, then my email is ozdiamondlil @ gmail dot com.

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  1. The apple turnovers look really delicious and your cakes are beautiful. I don't bake at all anymore so I enjoy seeing what others are baking. You are a VERY good sport about your dog guest! I am primarily a food blogger, so I always have a new recipe to share for weekend cooking.

    1. My husband is a little grumpier than I am. Actually, a lot grumpier! lol

  2. I love the missing raspberry cake, I did not know the origin of that recipe even though it is an original photo from the very beginning of the series. But alas this last season it was talked about. Just so you know, I love Weekend Cooking, a friendly place to share what we have been working on and cooking, thank you for continuing it! I agree with Judee, you are a good sport!

  3. I got a kick out of the episode where the Bake Off contestants baked the famous Bake Off intro cake. Yours looks to be a worthy effort. Did it taste good? I love the combination of raspberries and chocolate.

    1. It tasted pretty good Joy! I will try and do the design again using my tried and tested chocolate cake recipe instead of the one from Bake off