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Weekend Cooking: That's a bit strange

A couple of nights ago we had a work event where we went to Holey Moley, which is a mini golf place. After having a couple of beers because it was 37 degrees Celsius outside – in other words hot! – we did our golf thing and then it was time for pizza. As conversations do when you are in a social environment, the conversation meandered from one topic to another. Towards the end of the night we found ourselves talking about weird food things.


Firstly, we spent a lot of time talking about porridge/oats and all the ways people eat it. Now, when I have oats we cook it in the saucepan (no microwave oats here) and then I have it with a little bit of milk, some pieces of butter dotted around and then sugar over the top. Other serving suggestions included just with honey, and another person suggested having it with condensed milk.


The condensed milk suggestion led to comments about just eating it by the spoonful, but the weirdest suggestion by far was to get an avocado, cut it in half, remove  the stone and then fill the gap where the stone was with condensed milk. Then you eat the avocado, you mix a taste of the avocado and condensed milk in each bite. I am not sure that I would want to try it but my husband likes both avocado and condensed milk so maybe he would like to try it!


Inevitably we ended up talking about the weird ways that people eat Vegemite. To me, any way that you eat vegemite is weird because I just don’t like it at all. I am a bad Australian!!


I am trying to think what my weirdest food thing is. I do get hung up on the shape of some food, particularly chocolate. For example, you can get Cadbury chocolate in different shapes here. You can get rolls, different size bars which all have different size squares, and to me the different shapes all taste different! For the purposes of this blog post, I had to go and buy a Cadbury roll. I can tell you, the ones that are in the packet that face towards each other taste different from the ones that are in the packet facing away from each other. I'll eat both, but when I start eating the packet I will start with the complete shapes first. 

This is a terrible photo, taken in an airport lounge while we waited for our delayed flight, but I would start eating the middle ones first because they are a complete shape!

And another thing, drinking Coke out of a can tastes different from Coke out of a glass bottle, and again to plastic bottles!! And then there is the fact that the formula for Coke varies around the world so it tastes different wherever you go!!


Recently I was talking to my husband about a particular type of lolly (by which I mean soft jube like lollies/candy). I am absolutely convinced that if you have the lollies that are in a mixed bag absolutely taste different from a bag of just the same type of lolly!


Do you have any food ideas that other people might find a bit odd? Or any weird food combinations that you love?

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  1. To be honest with you, I have also noticed some of those same differences, and I wondered if it was just me. Largely due to my inquiry with other family members if in fact they noticed it either (usually "no"). But I do like pickle, mustard and peanut butter sandwiches...

    1. I think my husband just rolls his eyes and lets me keep talking!!

  2. Replies
    1. It's always interesting to taste it in each country!

  3. My father used to say his grandmother invented the peanut butter and bacon sandwich. I took this for granted growing up (it is quite delicious) but most people find it very weird. The bacon should be well done.

    Your son might be interested to hear that my college team has an Australian player this year and an interview with him was played on the scoreboard last night so it was the first time we had heard him speak. He is from Manly, Australia and played for the Scots College before doing a postgrad year in Florida at a school known for its basketball.



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