Monday, May 27, 2024

This Week....

I'm reading

Phew! Last week feels like quite an achievement. I had committed to reviewing four books on two days which was a bit crazy! And I managed to get them all read and reviewed. Last week, I finished reading A New Dawn at Owl's Lodge by Jessica Redland. I then started and finished the second book in the Shakespeare Sisters series,  The Secret Daughter of Venice, by Juliet Greenwood.

This week I have just one book scheduled for review which I am reading at the moment. That book is Under a Summer Skye by Sue Moorcroft. We are visiting Skye for a day later this year so it seems like a good time to read it!

I may actually be able to pick up something for fun this week. We'll see.

I'm watching

I have once again fallen with the dreaded lurgy. I was therefore feeling very average so on Friday afternoon I logged off from work early and just sat in the chair and watch all the available episodes of Bridgerton season 3. Definitely comfort viewing.

We also watched the first 2 episodes of Girls 5 Eva after two people at work recommended it independently of each other! I am not sure if we will continue or not.

We are still watching each new episode of Wrexham as it comes out, and of course still watching various Bake Offs and Masterchef with each new episode.

I did start watching a documentary series on Legendary Cities, which is interesting. The first episode was about Amsterdam and the second about London. I think it might be a French series that has had the narrative re-recorded in English.


I seem to be having a bit of a bad run when it comes to health issues. Nearly everyone in our house is feeling unwell at the moment. Turns out it is Covid. Bleugh!!

Fortunately, I did get to go and see Bonnie Garmus on Tuesday night before I started feeling ill. I wrote about that experience for my latest Weekend Cooking post.

Our thoughts are turning to holidays. It is just under 10 weeks until we go away, and I think just about everything has been booked that can be. My thoughts have also turned to a potential destination for April 2026. Is it too soon to be planning that far out?

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. I've had itchy eyes the last couple of days which can go away soon. Nice looking books too. Come see my week here. Happy reading!