Thursday, May 18, 2006


Jacobson, Douglas W - The Katyn Order
Jacobson, Douglas W - Night of Flames
Jaffe, Meredith - The Dressmakers of Yarrandarrah Prison
James, Eloisa - A Wild Pursuit
James, Eloisa - Desperate Duchesses
James, Eloisa - Duchess in Love
James, Eloisa - Fool for Love
James, Eloisa - Kiss Me Annabel
James, Eloisa - Much Ado About You
James, Eloisa - Paris in Love
James, Eloisa - Pleasure for Pleasure
James, Eloisa - The Taming of the Duke
James, Eloisa - The Ugly Duchess
James, Eloisa - Your Wicked Ways
Jameson, Bronwyn - The Ruthless Groom
Jarman, Julia - The Widow's Wine Club
Jeffries, Sabrina - In the Princes Bed
Jeffries, Sabrina - Let Sleeping Rogues Lie
Jeffries, Sabrina - Never Seduce a Scoundrel
Jeffries, Sabrina - One Night with a Prince
Jeffries, Sabrina - Only a Duke Will Do
Jeffries, Sabrina - To Pleasure a Prince
Jenoff, Pamela - Kommandant's Girl
Jepson, Duncan - All the Flowers in Shanghai
Johns, Rachael - How to Mend a Broken Heart
Johns, Rachael - Stand-in Star
Johnson, Susan - My Hundred Lovers (readalong)
Jones, Lloyd - Mister Pip
Jordan, Toni - Addition

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